September 29, 2020

Social Media Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts!

With the advent of technology, social media can be your business’ best friend. Almost everyone is on one or all of the social media platforms. Some businesses have been successful just by having an excellent social media strategy. These strategies can bring a broader customer base and present a reputable image for the business. We all know more customers equates to more profit. More so, having a reputable image gives you the opportunity to set a higher price which then increases profitability. There’s so much you can get from having a competitive social media presence.

As rewarding as it sounds, social media marketing is not as easy as you may think. You have to put in a decent amount of effort into it to gain engagements. There are different factors to consider. One of these is the algorithm. There are different ways to work around these, and here are the dos and don’ts:

The Dos and Don’ts


Don’t forget the links

Always include the link to your website, shopping page, blog page, or a contact us page in all your posts. Including the links has the power to make a follower into a customer since he/she will be one click away to the order button after clicking on the link.

Don’t rush into posting

Know who you are, the brand identity you want to portray online, your target market, and everything that needs to be established first. Your business is like a person. In your first post, people will have their first impressions. They can immediately decide then and there whether to follow your page or not. Contemplate how you want people to know your brand.

Don’t forget to check the comments or questions

Don’t ignore any of these. It can be harsh criticism, but you can always turn it into a constructive one. If it’s not clear why they said what they said, you can always ask, and assure them that you’re working towards improving your product or service. Also, answering questions and replying to compliments show that your business truly cares about its customers.

DON’T stick to self-promotions only

One of the ways you can present an image of a business that cares, you can post different publication materials that your customers can enjoy. It can be pure fun and games, like the popular this or that and bingo card stories on Instagram which you can personalize to relate to your business. You can also post trivia and short stories that keep your customers engaged.

Don’t spam your customers

Remind your present and potential customers of new products or promos but don’t bombard them with too many e-mails or messages. Doing this may cause you to lose customers rather than gain more. There is always an appropriate number of messages you can send, and a perfect timing or time intervals for each one. If you keep sending them more than enough, you’re more likely to be muted or blocked.

Don’t smash on that caps lock button

It can help with one-liners, but it doesn’t work for more than one sentence. Even a sentence can be too much to be capitalized. Although you want it to exude excitement, for others, it’s visually alarming and can have yelling and upset tone to it.

Don’t make everything a hashtag

You don’t have to turn every word into a hashtag. Hashtags increase visibility, but you have to choose your hashtags well. Make sure they’re related to your product or service. Add local hashtags too.

Don’t be repetitive

Create new posts with new captions. Don’t repeat what you’ve already said again and again. People will think you’re not putting enough effort into your posts. Also, the tendency is they’ll scroll past your posts because they’ll immediately think it’s just the same as the other posts. Simply rewording the caption on your previous posts can already make people think it’s a different one.


Do know your timing

The best times to post can be different depending on your audience. For stay-at-home moms, these can be on day-time where their kids are at school and they’re at home doing chores. When they take breaks, they’ll be able to see your post. For students or people who go to work, it’s most commonly advisable to post at night. The days are important too. Weekends can be the perfect time since people are able to relax and be on social media platforms longer than usual.

Do get to know your audience

Like how we evaluated the best times to post, it is important to know what your audience likes. You can measure this by knowing which kinds of content do your audience interacts the most. Is your target market a group of teenagers? It’s important to understand the aesthetic that fits their interests and the trends for them.

Do try new and different ideas

Diversify your content and your materials. For example, for teens, TikTok videos are what catches their attention. Instagram stories, unboxing videos, vlogs, and so much more can be utilized. Make sure to create a fun and engaging page they’ll want to keep going to.

Do plan things.

It’s not enough to know the dos and don’ts. Strategize. It’s best to know what kind of aesthetic or art style you want your materials to have. Having a plan can also make it easier to manage a business social media account because you can already make templates that are easy to edit. You can also schedule your posts!

Do enjoy being a social media manager!

Have fun managing your account! Treat your customers as friends. It’s important to enjoy doing all these as it can lead to many positive outcomes. You can stay positive and take criticisms lightly and as opportunities to improve. You’ll be more enthusiastic, and this can result in being friendlier in replying to your customers and more. Although it can be fun, you may need extra help from a social media marketing agency. There can be very technical aspects of handling a business social media account, find a social media marketing agency that can work well with you and your business.

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