October 11, 2021

Instagram views Vs likes: Which one is the key to grow

Who does not know about Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that are not only available worldwide but also has one of the trickiest algorithms to beat. The social media platform keeps changing its algorithm as time passes which makes it increasingly difficult to not only crack the algorithm but also grow on the social media platform. With the new updates that Instagram has been coming up with, you can not only see the views but you can also see the likes on every post. While Instagram has gone to show the users the number of views and the likes on every post, there are countries like Italy, Canada, and Brazil where the likes and views are not visible to the users at all.

The fact remains that this social media platform has never claimed to prefer likes overviews or vice versa.

So, between Instagram views and the likes on Instagram, which one is the key to help you grow on the social media platform?

The pros of Instagram views, when compared to Instagram views.

Without a doubt, it is a well-known fact that the view count is not shown when photos are uploaded as posts because you really do not know how many people view your picture and do not like the picture that you have posted. Also, when it comes to the engagement rate that is shown on the analytics section of your Instagram account. Under the insights section, there is no mention of the views of Instagram playing a role in the engagement of the account. If you find your pictures and posts not getting the number of likes as much as you expected it to get, you could use the online and sponsored promotion options that are available on Instagram. You can even try some of the best sites to buy real instagram likes and get the maximum amount of engagement. This will not only help you gain access to the audience you have been targeting from your niche but it will also help you gain exposure. The only con is that if you do not have the option of spending on marketing, then this will not work out for you.

The pros of Instagram views, when compared to Instagram likes.

When it comes to views on Instagram, the greater number of views helps in allowing the user to employ different marketing strategies in order to know what exactly is working for them. If the user chooses to promote their post via Instagram, then there are chances that the view count would increase increasingly and the number of views is usually considered to be a form of proof on social media and has psychology evolved as well. The number of views on your post on Instagram helps in understanding what exactly works for your Instagram account and what does not. The algorithm of Instagram promotes the content wherein the user on Instagram spends more time viewing the content of the user who posted the video post. This basically means that the more screen time that your content gains, the more Instagram promotes your content to users from your target audience and will also improve your chances of your content going viral.


Which one, Instagram likes for Instagram views will help you grow your Instagram account on the social media platform? Well, in all honesty, it depends on your needs. Understand that each one of them- Instagram likes and the views on Instagram, are important in their own way. Both have the tendency of increasing the engagement of your account, but the likes on your post are more trackable and help in understanding the analytics of your Instagram account. Especially with Instagram wanting to compete with TikTok and how they have brought in reels as a new feature, which is basically a short video feature that is extremely similar to the concept TikTok works on. While Instagram does not give out much information on which feature is more effective- whether it is the views on Instagram or the likes on your posts, it is for you to decide which one you find is more beneficial for your Instagram account.

Another aspect to note is that content on Instagram can only be liked once, but your content can be viewed multiple times and every single time an individual comes back to your social media profile to view the content you posted, the more your engagement rate increases. So, if you want to grow your Instagram profile it would be wise to not only create high-quality content on the social media platform but also use the important hashtags and the new features that Instagram releases. This will also help you not only boost your engagement rate but will also make sure that your Instagram account receives the exposure it deserves.

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