July 26, 2016

22 People Whose Works Are Much More Popular Than They Are

Who invented the light bulb? Thomas Alva Edison! Everyone knows it, even the small kid in kindergarten. But, ask them who invented the world wide web which has now become a part of every individual’s life. But, no one knows it. Yes, the light bulb was an essential invention, but there have been many more inventions that have influenced us in an extensive way. Their inventors haven’t attained popularity because these items seem irrelevant and so general, we do not pause and gape when we come across one.

Do you ever ask yourself how the evolution of a bendable drinking straw has made? These innovations may not be highly complicated techniques or depend on electronic tools apart, but it leads the innovation acceptable to call it a noble invention, despite its bareness. But when you do peer at them and how simple they truly are, you understand the originality behind them and the person who invented them. Here are many such creators who had ideas that have been and devices still can not do without at any time of the whole day. Take a look!

1. Douglas Engelbart – Designed the First Computer Mouse, who gave us the best way to communicate with our computers.

Douglas Engelbart - Inventor of First Computer Mouse

2. Ajay Bhatt – The Inventor of USB (Universal Serial Bus).

Ajay Bhatt – Inventor of USB

3. Karlheinz Brandenburg – Father of MP3 File Format, the reason we can listen to Pirated Music.

Karlheinz Brandenburg - Inventor of MP3 File Format

4. Ron Klein – Inventor of Magnetic Strip for Easy Cashless Transactions, the reason behind almost all financial transactions today.

Ron Klein - Inventor of Magnetic Strip

5. Willis Carrier – Inventor of First Air Conditioner (AC), the reason we keep out cool in the face of Severe Summers.

Willis Carrier - Inventor of AC

6. Garrett Morgan, the man who set up First Street Traffic Light which was exponentially less fatal.

Garrett Morgan - First Street Traffic Light

7. Lazlo Biro – Inventor of the world’s First Ball Point Pen, the reason we write so smoothly!

Lazlo Biro - First Ball point pen

8. Harvey Ball – Creator of Emoticon – the SMILEY  🙂 He’s the man who made Texting more interesting!

Harvey Ball - Created First Emoticon

Harvey ball could have raked in millions, but dismally, he never copyrighted his creation, because he didn’t believe that it would be so popular.

9. James Goodfellow – Idea Behind a PIN code, the reason we can withdraw cash anywhere, at any time. (ATM)

James Goodfellow - Idea behind the PIN code - ATM

10. Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel – Inventor of First Functional Metronome (Device that counts a period in Music), the man behind the perfect Music!

Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel - Inventor of First Functional Metronome

11. Samuel O’Reilly – Inventor of the modern Rotary Tattoo Machine.

Samuel O'Reilly — Electric Tattooing Machine

12. Tim Berners-Lee – Father of WWW (World Wide Web)

Tim Berners-Lee - Father of www

13. Nick Holonyak – Inventor of the LED Bulb, the reason why tube lights and light bulbs will be obsolete.

Nick Holonyak - Inventor of the LED Bulb

14.  Joseph Friedman – Idea Behind Bendable Straws, the reason we can drink without sprained necks.

Joseph Friedman - bendable straw

He got this thought when he was sitting in an eatery and his daughter had difficulty in drinking the drink in front of her.

15. Scott Jones and Greg Carr Brought Voicemail to people everywhere, which is a staple of the Telecom Industry.

Scott Jones and Greg Carr - Voice Mail

16. Charlie Branok – Designed first tool to calculate the Measure of Shoe size.

Charles Brannock - Tool to calculate the Measure Shoes

17. Robert William Kearns – Inventor of the Intermittent Windshield Wiper Systems used on most Automobiles.

Robert William Kearns - Inventor of Wiper Systems on Automobiles

18. Phillip Walter Katz – Inventor of the .zip File Format for data compression.

Phillip Walter Katz - Inventor of the .zip File Format

19. Wilhelm Roentgen – Inventor of X-Rays, an achievement that earned him the first Nobel Prize in Physics.

Wilhelm Roentgen - Inventor of X-Rays

20. Nathaniel Baldwin – Inventor of the First Headphones, which made the younger music lovers to connect directly with their music.

Nathaniel Baldwin - Inventor of the First Headphones

21.  Gideon Sundback – Inventor of the Zipper that became Mainstream on every trouser and bags as well.

Gideon Sundback - inventor of Zipper

Sometimes our work lives on way after we pass on, and this work can impact other people in ways we cannot really predict. Even if we do not really think it is significant.

22. Martin Cooper – The First Mobile Phone Call was made by a former Motorola inventor in 1973.

First Mobile Call Made by Martin Cooper

Seldom, our work survives in the way even after we pass on, and this work can influence other people in means we cannot actually prophesy. Even if we do not truly believe it is notable. This quote best suits these inventors.

What we do today, echoes in eternity.

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