April 2, 2020

What to expect from the top Android casinos in 2020

Some of the best online casinos are compatible with Android operating systems or are available as Android apps. Android users can expect top of the range gameplay, generous bonuses, and a full range of casino options to choose from. All of your favorites, from blackjack and roulette to video slots and live poker, are just a few swipes away on your Android device.

What new innovations can Android users look forward to later in 2020? There’s certainly no reason to think that they’ll be left behind as new games and new technology come on stream. Android is one of the world’s most popular operating systems, and casino providers will ensure they get the biggest market for their new products by making them compatible with this platform. In short, as new innovations arrive, Android users will get to see them first.

More focus on mobile

The online casino industry is expected to be worth nearly $100m by 2024, and an increasing amount of that income will come from mobile users, including many on the Android operating system. The combination of the worldwide rollout of reliable, superfast broadband with the increased processing power of many Android mobile phones means that it’s now possible to play the most sophisticated games on these devices, both online and as apps.

Smartphone users around the world represent a vast untapped market for online casino providers, and they are going to do their best to reach out to them. This will mean improving the image and reputation of the online casino sector and chasing more mainstream acceptance via such means as sports sponsorship. The games themselves will be tailored for the mobile experience but will also attempt to win over a more diverse audience.

Appealing to different demographics

Traditionally, online casinos have followed their land-based predecessors in appealing to slightly older men: those in their prime or approaching middle age. To some degree, this makes sense as those men most likely have money to spend and appreciate the glamor and sophistication of the online casino experience. But some of the familiar tropes of casino-style, especially the alluring and often scantily-clad hostesses, can seem old-fashioned and out of place in the modern age.

The advantage of an online casino is that anyone can feel welcome. Making women players aware of this and helping them to enjoy the games on offer is one of the major goals of Android casino providers this year. These developers will also be chasing a younger demographic so that we can expect more tie-ins with current trends, including films and TV shows, and in some cases, a move away from traditional casino style in favor of something more vibrant and contemporary. Generally speaking, Android casinos will increasingly appeal to a wide range of people rather than being a niche interest of a certain type of man.

Better and more unique bonuses

As more people discover the casino sites you can access with Android; the competition will become even fiercer. New players can discover the top-rated sites at Bestonlinecasino.com and will benefit as these sites constantly strive to outdo each other. This will mean bigger and better welcome bonuses and other introductory offers to entice new players to choose their site over the competition.

Casino sites will also make more of an effort to differentiate from each other by developing more of a recognizable brand that stands out from the crowd. One way of doing this will be to develop more interesting and unique bonuses, as distinct from the usual free spins and no deposit bets. These might be tailored to specific games or even customized according to a player’s preferences.

Improved technology

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow Android casinos to adapt to a player’s habits and preferences. One way this might manifest could be in the kinds of bonuses offered, as mentioned above. Further down the line, we might see AI poker players that react to signals an online player unwittingly gives out, much as a crack human player might if they were sat at the same table together. Admittedly this probably won’t happen in 2020, but it could well be a reality in five or ten years’ time.

What we are likely to see in 2020 is better graphics and smoother gameplay, as well as more immersive casino games, possibly incorporating VR technology. Cryptocurrencies and other payment options will become more widely accepted, and casino providers will also step up security on their sites, making sure that players’ money is always well protected.

Android users who enjoy playing online casinos have much to look forward to in 2020 and beyond.

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Imran Uddin

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