August 10, 2020

Is Hacking as Easy as the Film Industry Represents It?

All of is love high-quality movies with great content and aa-list cats, right?

It’s a fact. And it makes us feel good when we watch them because it’s almost as if we are experiencing the events of the movie itself.

Especially if we watch a James Bond Movie with lots of tension, rushes of adrenaline and action. It makes us feel superior and like a hero, in a simple way.

Or, when for example, we see a group of young but lucky people trying to make their place in the world by making a change and saving everyone from possible danger.

They run, go undercover, even learn how to handle a gun, and are hacking the whole system to be the supermen of our new age.

And it’s always a fun experiment to watch these kinds of movies, but how accurate are they?

Can you save the world by a storm without a scratch on your face and call it a day?

Expectations vs the Reality of Hacking

The two things are very different when it comes to hacking and getting into a government system for data.

In the movies, as we expect, it’s really easy and the actor usually doesn’t need much work because he is either very experienced or just has the talent for bringing justice to the world.

No matter what it takes for that to happen. But, can a real human benign in this harsh reality for the same and get away with it?

As you probably state the obvious already, the answer is no. and the worst part is the illusion that it gives us, the mortals, that anything is possible in a short period.

Ask any real hacker and they will tell you that to crack open a system you will need money, great tools, and tons of time.

You can’t just code and get the system by its throat by tapping the keyboard a few times and say the famous phrase ‘I’m in, guys’. It’s heroic, yes, but not realistic.

Hacking has also been simplified within the gaming industry.

You have probably heard about the popular game Watch Dogs that implements hacking as its main theme in getting through obstacles.

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Are They Allowed to Be Too Accurate with Their Hacking Skills?

Another yet controversial question that is yet to be answered is his one. When we think of hacking, we think of guys and girls in black hoodies, introverted personalities, and brilliant minds.

In reality, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the physical result of this group of people but, real-life hackers know their deal as well.

The reason why the hacking skills of the actors aren’t on point is because of obvious reasons; hacking is illegal and naturally, Hollywood wouldn’t want to promote it in the best way possible.

After all, not everyone who watches these kinds of movies has the high-morals that these skills are requiring out of the person.

Hacking is more than just getting blunt data out of a computer; it’s an invasion of privacy and it certainly should be used unless it’s an emergency. Like the heroes of the movies we watch are in.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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