November 22, 2019

NetBase: Why Businesses Should Incorporate Social Media Analytics in Social Media Activities

Thousands of companies around the world are not using social media analytics because they don’t know its benefits. They may have several social media platforms where they post content, graphics, and marketing videos, but they have not been analyzing the data generated by their activities on social media platforms.

If your company posts content on social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, among others, it is time you get to understand the data generated from such postings because it will be beneficial to your company. Common data such as retweets, shares, likes, sentiments, and comments are essential in your business.

Social media analytics allows you to harness this data and use it for the growth of your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should incorporate social media analysis into your social media activities.

1. Understand Your Audience

All your social media activities are directed to human beings who have different patterns in their daily activities. They also have a distinct personality and group traits that you should understand. You need to know when they’re online so that you can post when they’re ready to read your content. Other important metrics, such as multiple languages, interests, and segmentation, will help you to create relevant content that is more engaging and enriching your audience.

2. Competitive Benchmarking

In the world of business, it is all about getting one over your competitor. If you’re able to beat them on social media marketing, you will be able to control the market and ultimately push them out of business. Social media analysis gives you an added advantage because you will be able to analyze and understand their social media activities. You can easily use their data and see what works and what does not. If you replicate their success and avoid their pitfalls, you will easily outsmart them in the market.

3. Create Better Content

Creating better content is the only way businesses can be able to attract huge traffic and convert it into customers. The content must be relevant and addressing the pain points of the audience. Social media analysis is essential in identifying the content that is driving results in various platforms. As a marketer, therefore, you need to know what is currently working and what resonates with your audience. You need to know whether they’re enthusiastic about videos, images, links, or text content.

4. Tracking Social Campaigns

Every company launches social campaigns to increase conversion rates and increasing customer interactions. However, very few companies bother to check whether social campaigns are working or not. Analytics is very important in tracking social campaigns and determining whether their end goal is realized. Analytical results should indicate what should be improved, whether the social campaigns should be stopped, and while at the same highlighting the perception of customers towards social campaigns.

5. Understanding Brand Reputation

Understanding the reputation of a company in the industry is an important undertaking in any business organization. Analytical tools help various organizations to see how customers perceive their brands on various social media platforms. Social media monitoring and social media listening are essential aspects of understanding brand reputation in the industry. If positive messages about the company are detected across various social platforms, it is a testament that the reputation of the company is fine. However, any red flags should be addressed with immediate cleansing campaigns.

If you do not use social media analysis in your business, you need to contact NetBase, the largest social media analytical company in the world. Here, you will access various analytical tools that will help your business to analyze data originating from your social media activities. With a good analytical tool, you will be able to understand your audience and enhance the reputation of your company.

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Imran Uddin

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