October 28, 2019

Jobs to Look for Outside of Blogging

Bloggers have a huge variety of skills. Some general information bloggers cover hundreds of topics in a typical year. Others, the more niche-oriented crowd, tend to specialize in subjects as diverse as database monitoring, consumer advocacy, non-profit fundraising, and crafts. But what happens when blogging isn’t enough, or when the ad revenue just isn’t cutting it in terms of hours invested on the blog?

Former bloggers venture out into an endless variety of fields, but many gravitate toward freelance writing for obvious reasons. The following career options within the online writing field are among the top choices for modern bloggers who seek greener pastures and a more secure financial future.

Content Freelancing

There are now about a half-dozen large freelance writing sites that pay well enough to keep a large stable of writers working regularly. It’s piece work, but if your skills are up to snuff, you can make a full-time job out of standard content writing for multiple clients on literally thousands of different topics.

Corporate Content Writing

A quick trip through your local Craigslist site will turn up plenty of corporate piece-work writing jobs under the “employment gigs” and “writing jobs” headings. There’s no need to stay local, though, because most jobs listed on the site are not location-based. If corporate marketing folks like your work, it’s highly likely that they’ll invite you to be a regular contributor, which translates into regular pay and higher per-word rates.

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Résumé Writing

For writers who have a keen eye for detail and enjoy working one-on-one with job seekers of all ages, résumé writing can be one of the best-paying and most emotionally rewarding jobs in the writing field. You’ll need to brush up on the latest technology and styles in the business, and eventually, if you’re serious, get certified by one of the two large organizations for résumé writers.


Amazon and several other online booksellers have made it easy for just about anyone with a modicum of writing talent to write and sell eBooks. If you’re not into the corporate thing, you can always write eBooks on commission or simply compile a library of eBooks for sale on your own website. The challenge of eBooks is two-fold: knowing what the profitable niches are and making time to create content that meets the mark.

The majority of eBook writers start out on Amazon’s Kindle “KDP” platform, where built-in software allows for simple cover design, formatting, and shopping cart setup. Of course, the writer pays for this convenience by forking over about one-third of their books’ sales price to Amazon, but most are happy with the arrangement.

Spec Freelancing

Spec writing is a very narrow form of freelance work that involves quite a bit of risk, high levels of confidence, and top-notch writing skills. So-called “speckers” typically build up a catalog of long and short pieces on a range of topics and sell the work via online exchanges. There are three major platforms where spec writers can create accounts and post their entire portfolio so those in search of specific content can make an offer. It’s a cut-throat world but an active one where the best writers earn an excellent income.

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