May 31, 2017

10 Lesser Know Apps That Might Change Your Life

In our busy life, Smartphones have become our gateway to the rest of the world – to search, discover, chat and to work and play. And they provide a plenty of apps to make our busy life easy. While apps like Google Maps, OLA and Uber make sure we’re always on time; Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp keep us social and up-to-date.

10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

With millions of apps available on the Play Store, it’s hard to find ones that are awesome. It can be confusing to determine which ones you should download and which ones you should ignore. Here we have found 10 lesser known apps that improve your life in a variety of ways – from simplifying your routine to saving your slaved-over recipe when you find you’re one ingredient down.

1. Calm

We naturally associate phones with the busier aspects of our lives but they can be tools of relaxation. Calm is an easy-to-use meditation app to help improve your mood and help you to sleep and relax. It helps to bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your daily life.

Calm-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced meditators and gurus. Meditation practices range from 3-minute to 25-minute sessions – however much time the user can squeeze in.

2. Mealime

It is a meal-planning app that helps you cook something healthy without spending hours doing it. Their meal plans & recipes are highly customizable so you can easily personalize a plan that works for your unique tastes and lifestyle.

Mealime-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

The app Mealime lets you choose how much meat you eat, exclude any foods you dislike, and pick out what you want to eat! It then gives you a grocery list and the super-easy recipes (all under 30 minutes) in the app.

3. SpeedRead With Spritz

Ready to start reading faster? Spritz technology helps you and makes your speed reading easy even for someone with no training. Spritz is the best speed reading technology (which lets readers scan text by flashing words in the same spot), and SpeedRead With Spritzis the best speed reading app.

SpeedRead With Spritz-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

The best part is – It works with reading apps you already use (like Pocket, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, etc). You don’t have to switch to this app every time you want to speed read. When you’re ready to start speed reading, simply hit share or the text to speech button, and you’re off. Switch back whenever you want to take a break.


The average adult reading speed is 250 wpm. With Spritz, you could double or even triple that speed after just a little bit of practice. It takes some time to get used to, as our eyes are accustomed to scanning a page from left to right.

4. Substitutions

How many times have we been in the middle of a cooking project and realized with dread that we were out of a crucial ingredient? Too many times isn’t it! The SpeedRead With Spritz app may help you in your hour of need, by suggesting a replacement.

Substitutions-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

For example, if you’ve forgotten to buy buttermilk and the dish demands it, adding vinegar and lemon juice to milk works just as well. The app also makes suggestions for vegetarian, gluten-free, or lower-fat substitutions.

5. Moves

Moves automatically track your every move and relays it as a ‘story’ of your daily life, including counting how many steps you take each day and how many calories you burned. Seeing your everyday exercise can help you think about your life in a new way and start with small changes that can lead to a fitter lifestyle and healthier habits.  The phone doesn’t need to be in your hand – Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag.

Moves-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

6. Swackett

A weather forecast app with a difference, Swackett converts complex weather data to easily-understood, visual weather reports designed for people of every age. The app also provides a guide on the best type of clothing to wear for the day’s conditions, from footwear to accessories such as sunglasses, rain jackets or an umbrella.

Swackett-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

7. SafeTrek

If you frequently travel through areas that make you feel unsafe, you must install SafeTrek. It will put you at ease, knowing that even if you are threatened or kidnapped, police will be dispatched even if you can’t dial an emergency number.

SafeTrek-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

Whenever you’re in an unsafe situation, you hold down the SafeTrek button (which shows on the device’s screen). When you feel safe again, you let go and input your unique 4-digit PIN and go about your merry way. But if you let go and fail to enter the PIN, local police will be notified and dispatched to your location.

8. FastCustomer

Do you hate being put on hold when trying to connect with customer service? Then this app may come to your rescue. It is a convenience tool for those who hate waiting on hold for customer service.

FastCustomer-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

You just tell FastCustomer which company you want to call and which department you want to connect with (e.g. tech support or billing). FastCustomer will handle all of that and wait on your behalf. When the next agent is available, FastCustomer will call you, and you take it from there.

It’s incredibly useful and will save you a lot of time. FastCustomer currently supports over 3,000 companies throughout the United States and Canada.

9. Evernote Scannable

It is a document scanner for your phone and works quickly without any effort. It can scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and whatever else you usually find crumpled in the bottom of your bag. It can create PDFs that you can email right away or save as well as creating images you can email or save to your camera roll.

Evernote Scanner-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

10. Dollarbird

It is an awesome personal finance tracker app. With this app, you can track and forecast your money as easily as adding events to a calendar.

Dollarbird-10 Lesser-Known Apps That Will Change Your Life

Dollarbird is your complete and flexible money handling tool that helps you put your money where it matters! It helps you find out what you spend your money on, make a plan and project how much money you’ll have in the future and get reminders for monthly bills.

Let these apps help you kick start a new habit and make the most of your time.

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