January 3, 2018

LG’s 2018 TV Lineup Gets Smarter and Faster, Adds Built-In Google Assistant, Alexa and More

Just a few days ahead of CES 2018, LG has formally announced its entire TV line for the new year, which will see a number of improvements including HDR, HFR, built-in artificial intelligence (AI), an addition of Google Assistant, and significantly faster processors for better picture quality and overall performance.


In addition to an eye-popping 88-inch 8K OLED, the company announced updates to all of its in-home TV model lines. Let’s take a look at them!


The TV lineup will see the return of the “Wallpaper” OLED, which garnered significant attention and critical acclaim last year, along with three other OLED models and a full suite of LG Super UHD LED televisions. Each of LG’s OLED models—the W8, E8, C8, and B8 series—will support both HDR and HFR for 2018.


The company is expanding its HDR support, continuing support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, and adding support for Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), the emerging standard for HDR in live broadcast content. With these changes comes a new name, switching from Active HDR to 4K Cinema HDR in an attempt to better communicate LG’s distinct HDR offerings.

ThinQ AI

LG’s smart TVs are getting smarter with the introduction of ThinQ artificial intelligence, the company’s proprietary technology for voice control, image processing, and more. The voice control capabilities will also integrate with other smart home devices, like robot vacuums, smart lights, and more.

A9 Processor


Alongside its updated ThinQ AI initiatives, LG is also introducing a new quad-core processor that handles both voice controls and media processing on its upcoming TVs, the Alpha 9, which the company claims will provide better picture quality with improved noise reduction, advanced color mapping, and support for new standards like HFR content (120 fps high frame rate), Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and new HDR standards.

LG’s new A9 intelligent processor will also mean super fast smart TV operation for LG W8, E8, and C8 OLED TV owners.

Google Assistant

LG’s new TVs this year are getting Google Assistant. In the past, LG has shipped its TVs with a webOS-based operating system that included the company’s own voice assistant, but the company is taking things a step further by including Google Assistant on its OLED and “Super UHD” LCD displays, which will take over for any voice inquiries that webOS can’t handle.

Having Google Assistant on board means, you will be able to use normal language to tell your TV to turn itself off when the show you are watching is over or change the channel to a specific network. With the addition of Google Assistant, you could also order a pizza, call an Uber, view Google Photos, and check traffic on Google maps. The new TVs will also be addressable through other Google Assistant products like the Home and Home Mini speakers. LG says that its TVs will also be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.

While many details have yet to be announced, we expect more information at the formal announcement next week (January 9) at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018).

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