March 8, 2018

Long Tail Keywords- Find & Use The Right LTK’s For Your Website Using These 5 Amazing Tools!!

We all know how important keywords are and what a crucial role they play in our websites ranking. When we think of SEO and keywords, we always are more worried about the most “generic” keywords. So, what do I mean by generic keywords? For example, you have a website that lists all hotels rooms or guest houses or community sharing spaces specifically for solo travelers. So a more generic keyword for your website could be “rooms”, “hotel rooms”, “hotels”, “sharing rooms”, “guest houses”, etc. You can also name these as short-tail keywords. Of course, these are highly searched keywords. But, these are also the most common and most competitive keywords.


Now, go to google and type “rooms”, “hotel rooms” etc and you will find some of the top-ranked sites such as OYO rooms, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, GoIbibo, etc. So all these rank on top in google for these generic/ Short-tail keywords. So in order for you to rank on top there, you need to shed a lot of money and it’s going to be a very tedious and time-taking process. This is where Long tail keywords come to your rescue. Keywords that are more specific and cater the needs of those smaller sections of the users who type the long and more elaborative search terms are called the Long-term keywords. These set of users know exactly what they want and there is a very high probability that the conversions you get from them are damn good.



Yes, only 20-30% users search with a Long tail keyword. But, you cannot neglect them as they are worth every piece of effort you put on them. Concentrating only on high-competitive Short-tail keywords when you also have valuable LTK’s at your disposal will only prove your foolishness. Why are they valuable??? Here are few reasons you ought to consider –

  • Lesser competition.
  • Easier to rank them on the top of google search.
  • Higher probability of sale conversions for your products.

So are you convinced about how LTK’s can add value to your blog and help your blog transform from a mediocre to a consummate one? If yes, then let us look at some of the tools that help us find and use the right LTK’s for our websites.

1.SEMrush –

SEMrush is one of the best in the market when it comes to Keyword searching. The number of features it offers and the in-depth stats that it provides makes SEMrush stand out among other tools. So, we have registered for the 14-day free trail and gave our keyword “solo travelers”. The result is shown below-


Now this table gives us a detailed picture of the related keywords, their volume of search, CPC etc. In addition to these, it also offers info graphic data for a better visual understanding as shown below-


Phrase match, related keywords, keyword difficulty, ads history etc are some of the many more valuable features that SEMrush offers and one must surely try out this tool!!! The price of the paid version ranges from $99 – $399/month. We have upgraded to a pro version as we just love this tool.


2.Long Tail Pro –

Long Tail Pro is another very productive tool and its price ranges from $25-$98/month which is quite less compared with SEMrush. But, the good thing about this is it offers quite a few handy options that are very helpful. We have subscribed for the 7-day free trial and started using this tool.

First up, you need to create a project and give a seed keyword. The tool throws up a list of Long-tail keywords that can be built around your seed keyword as shown in the figure below.


The paid version gives you access to Long Tail Bootcamp(worth $127) and a keyword Competitiveness(KC) feature which will help you identify how difficult it is to rank your keyword in the google search. It also offers features that help you determine your keyword profitability. All in all, this tool is worth every penny you spend on it.


3. KWFinder –

KWFinder is a relatively new tool but a very effective one for sure. The UI of this tool is sure to grab the attention of the present gen Bloggers. It is also a paid tool and its pricing ranges from $26-$71/month. It has a rather attractive dashboard and without wasting any time we registered and entered our keyword. This is how the results look-


So like the other tools we discussed, KWFinder leaves no stone behind as it gives info such as SEO difficulty rank, monthly searches, a list of websites that rank for this keyword including that site’s DA(domain authority), visitors etc and much more. The SERPChecker feature is a very handy one as well.


This tool is worth a try especially for the price that it is being offered.

4.Uber Suggest –

Uber suggest is a free and a simple tool to identify your Long Tail keywords. Enter your keyword and it presents the Long Tail Keywords. You can download and save your search results as a CSV file or you can copy paste them into a spreadsheet. Follow this video tutorial to get started.

YouTube video

So the features that we have to look out for are- The WordCloud(a unique visual representation of keywords to grasp your eye) and the google trends graph.

5. Keyword Tool –

Keyword Tool is another simple and easy to use Long Tail Research tool aimed at beginners. It throws results for multiple search platforms such as Google, Bing, Youtube, etc. So, we entered our keyword and as shown below it restricts to display additional results. It insists on purchasing the pro versions whose prices range from $48-$88/month.



The pro plan promises the below features-

  • Search Volume Data
  • Cost-Per-Click Data
  • AdWords Competition Data
  • 2 Times More Keywords
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Bulk Search Volume Analysis

These are the some of the tools that we tried and tested for Long Tail Keyword research. Hope you find this article of some use. Please feel free to pitch in any more tools that you have used for Long Tails in the comments section below.

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