October 8, 2021

Make It Rain! Boost Your Website Traffic With These Jaw Dropping Tips

The more people visit your website, the higher your chances are of generating TRUCKLOADS of sales.

Sadly, drawing potential customers into your site isn’t always a walk in the park.

You’ll need to deploy the best tools that support your strategies, implement the right approach, and throw in a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work to generate significant traffic.

The great news is, we got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll share five effective ways to boost your website traffic and, in turn, help make your eCommerce store more competitive and increase your sales.

1. Publish relevant and compelling content

An excellent way to draw high-quality traffic to your website is to publish content that is valuable to your target audience.

However, you’ll need to determine what your audiences consider valuable content first, such as what they want to learn about, pain points, problems, and questions.

Start by performing keyword research to get a good idea about what your target audience is looking up online.

Use tools such as Semrush, which offers features to help you get keyword insights, including searcher interest trends, the monthly search volume, and other crucial data.

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You’ll also get a list of related terms, keyword variations, and search queries containing your seed keyword.

Performing keyword research can tell you the topics and search terms your potential customers are interested in. You can then build your content around those keywords.

Once you start creating your blog posts, articles, videos, etc., publishing them on your website should and other channels should be a breeze if you’re using one of the top-tier, easiest eCommerce platforms such as Wix.

The platform lets you create web pages easily to strategically place your compelling and relevant content to generate traffic and drive conversions and sales.

2. Promote your content on social media

It’s not enough to create and publish excellent content to attract your visitors. You’ll also need to help your target audience find your content proactively.

One way of doing this is to promote your content on your social media networks.

For instance, you can opt for easy-to-use content marketing software such as Quuu Promote to publish and share your marketing posts with ease while reaching a wide audience base.

Sign up for an account with the content promotion distribution platform, select Promote a Post, and copy and paste the content URL (the blog post link) on the designated field.

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Quuu imports data from your link, and you can select your preferred content promotion targeting categories.

Modify how you want your content to appear on your social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, include hashtags, preview it, and you’re ready to post.

Quuu provides a social sharing community that allows you to share your content marketing materials with people, and they’ll also share them with specific follower groups on multiple social media platforms.

This helps you optimize your content promotion to increase your audience engagement and traffic ultimately, and, in turn, sales.

3. Leverage email marketing

Posting and sharing valuable content on social media and your website can help you bring in hordes of traffic.

However, another traffic-generating channel that has the potential to get you excellent returns is your email.

Leverage email marketing to promote your new content (or event) and deliver compelling, engaging messages to lead potential customers to your website and encourage them to act on your conversion goals.

For instance, you can use emails to promote your upcoming online conference and offer discounts to the first 50 people who sign up.

For starters, you’ll need to grow your email list with the help of these quick tips.

Make a compelling email copy. Create email copy, including subject lines, that instantly capture the recipient’s attention and encourage them to open your emails and act on your offers.

Add phrases or words that instill a sense of urgency, such as “Register now for limited slots and discounts” in your email subject lines to help compel prospects to buy or sign up now.

Additionally, use email subject line testers to help you come up with compelling subject lines that increase your open rates and conversion.

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Offer gated content. Gated content allows you to obtain your visitors’ emails in exchange for access to your content, such as whitepapers and ebooks. You can include a call-to-action to optimize this tactic and increase the chances of your prospects converting into paying customers.

Optimize your email list by using running campaigns such as promoting your new products, sending exclusive offers, and providing discounts (among others) to help you nurture customer relationships, boost your site traffic, and meet your conversion goals.

4. Run paid ads

One of the fastest ways to attract people to your website is to run paid ads on various channels, including mobile apps, search engine results pages (SERPs), social media platforms, etc.

Whether you are using sponsored posts or running retargeting, pay-per-click, or display ads, it’s crucial to implement the right strategies to increase your campaigns’ effectiveness and get you the traffic and returns you expect.

Consider these tips to help you do just that.

Assess your ad campaign budget. Go over your advertising budget and resources to determine where you need to make the right adjustments to optimize your efforts and get excellent returns.

For instance, reviewing your budget can tell you whether it’s worth pouring resources into poorly performing channels or if you should re-allocate them to other channels to generate more traffic.

Be consistent. Ensure consistency across your marketing and advertising channels by leading website visitors to the right pages, such as designated landing pages or product pages, when they click on your ads.

This can help improve the customer experience and, in turn, grow your traffic and sales.

Implement ad campaigns properly and refine your strategies when necessary to get your expected returns and generate high-quality traffic that offers plenty of conversion opportunities.

5. Implement on-page search engine optimization

Getting your web pages to rank higher in SERPs allows more people to see your content, products, services, offers, and overall value. This can help drive up your site traffic and conversions and sales opportunities.

The key is to implement on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by optimizing your web page elements.

This includes your page title, URL, headers, meta description, and image alt-text to help you meet ranking factors, provide value to users, and increase your site’s visibility.

When implemented properly, on-page SEO can optimize your website for your target audience and search engine bots.

Perform an SEO audit to check for issues affecting your organic search performance, such as content gaps and opportunities, website structure problems, and on-page and technical issues (among other things).

In a nutshell, it’s critical to optimize your website’s back-end and front-end components to raise your SERPs ranking, gain better visibility, and bring in loads of organic traffic.

Raise your website traffic to exponential heights

While boatloads of website traffic won’t guarantee that your visitors convert into paying customers, it does increase your conversion and sales opportunities.

Leverage the tips in this guide to help you drive high-quality traffic to your website and get the expected returns for your efforts.

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