May 24, 2020

Make Money Online Selling These Products and Services

There are a lot of people who would be happy to create a passive source of income. Some would go as far as to look for an opportunity that allows them to leave their regular work.

Working online can be challenging at first, but you can still make money, especially if you are willing to learn. And what better way to start than selling products or services? Look at the ideas below and start a venture. Also, remember that if it does not work out, you have an option to try another method and repeat until you find success.

Idea #1 – Selling Print on Demand Merchandise

Print-on-demand business could be exactly what you were looking for in a business idea. The demand for custom merchandise continues to grow. People are looking to express their views by wearing t-shirts and hoodies or carrying bags with a logo.

They want to show the world what they believe in, and what better way to do that than by having a custom-made product. You can also sell mugs, phone cases, calendars, and keychains.

Overall, starting with one product and scaling the business later is for the best, especially if you lack eCommerce experience. You can add additional products later.

The customers should come from search engines, social media marketing, and other channels that you will focus on.

Idea #2 – Developing Apps

The needs of both entrepreneurs and customers change continuously. Trends also come and go, which means that businesses need to adjust their stores. Introducing new features that make everyone’s lives easier is also something worth mentioning.

As online stores depend on applications, you can look to become a professional app developer. New applications can make a big difference when they are introduced. The most recent example is Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer that is getting more attention from Shopify store owners worldwide.

Learning to code apps is a rather lengthy process, but there are more than enough sources available on the internet. Learning this craft will guarantee you work in the future as there will always be demand for applications in more than just eCommerce.

Idea #3 – Creating Websites

Creating websites, whether it is for eCommerce, blogging, or even a simple landing page for affiliate marketing, is not something that anyone can do, even if they have a business idea.

Website developers are in demand since so many services and businesses are shifting to online.

The idea of developing websites is another example of how having a particular set of skills will ensure that you have a job for many years to come.

Idea #4 – Copywriting

Copywriters are another profession that seems to have a lot of popularity these days. Ad copies for PPC marketing, social media captions, slogans, headlines, and other writing types require precision and knowledge on how to get the attention of people reading it.

You will have to study copywriting and go through trial and error by testing variations of copies to determine what works in a particular niche and what does not. The work itself can be a lot of fun and something to consider as a career path.

Idea #5 – Growing Social Media Profiles

Some social media profiles on the most popular platforms took years to reach a place where they are now. They did not have hundreds of thousands of followers. It is thanks to the work of people who were behind growing the profiles organically.

For example, if you are trying to get free Instagram followers, do not expect that it will be easy. You will have to organize contests and offer interesting content that would attract followers.

Overall, managing social media is a great choice, as it does not seem like social media sites are going away in the future. And there has to be someone who understands the ins and outs of this marketing method.

Idea #6 – Creating Courses

Skillshare and Udemy are only two examples of many available online learning platforms. You can create and sell courses so long as the information you provide to others is useful.

A lot of people are looking to switch careers and would be happy to learn new skills. There are also those eager to improve their repertoire and become even more well-versed in their current job.

Idea #7 – Editing Videos

The need for good video editors is rising because it is no longer just YouTube that is focusing on video content. Social media platforms also have video content and are emphasizing their importance.

For instance, you can download YouTube playlist even from a well-known account and upload these videos separately to an Instagram platform. Many people on Instagram do not bother with YouTube, especially if it involves a niche channel.

They will gobble such downloaded content as something original and exclusive for Instagram. That is only one example of how videos are flooding the internet, which means that you can leverage the status quo as a video editor and make money from it.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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