May 12, 2021

Mastering These 3 Strategic Activities is Made Easier with Mobile Apps

Learning while on the go is an invaluable asset for many people who maintain busy schedules 

The rise of mobile technology in today’s world has benefited society at large in many ways, especially when it comes to the enormous number of apps available on any singular smartphone. These services come in various shapes and forms and are being consumed widely by the mobile population. In fact, studies show that people prefer app usage over a desktop or mobile browsing.

Because of this, many modern businesses are pushing to have a strong app presence in addition to a well-designed landing page. A great mobile app has value, is user-friendly, and is simple for even the non-tech savvy consumer to navigate. However, apps aren’t only for named brand companies and for scrolling through social media.

Mobile holders also spend a good amount of time utilizing gaming apps in their many varieties. Thanks to these portable devices that contain all the apps one could ever need, some of the most classic games of strategy are given a new life in the digital world, re-shaping how players learn or master their gameplay. In this article, we take a look at how the everyday user can come to a better understanding of three of the most popular – poker, chess, and go – at any time, easily from their mobile device.


First up on the list is one of the most played and well-known strategic card games ever: poker. Many people would agree that learning poker can be quite straightforward, but with a wealth of different variants and aspects of play, the game is more complex than what meets the eye.

However, understanding poker’s ins and outs is more accessible with mobile apps that aid players in the one thing they need most to succeed: practice. Nowadays, poker training apps like DTO and SnapShove are built by respected experts of the activity and allow users to run through endless scenarios and moves in order to strengthen their game. After all, the greatest poker players of the past got there by exercising various methods through repetition and dedication to practice. Today, the only difference is that we have apps to seemingly guide us through the process.


The game of chess is rich in history (nearly 1,500 years old) and yet it is still loved by people all around the world even today. The two-player board game is strategic and, similarly to poker, requires the practice of different moves and the study of endgames.

Mastering the intricate activity of chess before the digital era meant examining the board and its pawns often solo, without a partner to play with. After all, if you wanted to practice at any time, there was no guarantee an opponent would be available 24/7. But, now with mobile apps that put a large focus on becoming a better player through virtual competition, users can face off against an opposition of any level. These resources enable even the most novice chess player to steadily improve all on their own time.

Nowadays, both Android and Apple users are able to choose from over a million different downloadable mobile applications, many of them free 


Speaking of historic strategy games, Go is known as one of the world’s most ancient, with roots that date back to some 4,000 years ago. Although this grid-based activity is extremely old, it is still enjoyed today by the modern player. Whether you are interested in learning for the first time or training by problem-solving, there are mobile apps that instantly connect users to all the information they could ever need.

It’s truly mind-blowing that a game with origins that come from ancient China has been given an entirely new digital persona that is accessible for all players with a functioning mobile device. One thing’s for certain: there are many things on the horizon for mobile technology, it’s just a matter of time until other aspects of these devices, in addition to apps, advance even further.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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