July 22, 2015

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Micromax YU Yureka Plus

YU, the online-only sub-brand of Indian handset maker Micromax, has launched “Yureka Plus,” the upgraded version of its first budget smartphone, Yureka, at Rs 9,999. The major highlight of the phone is its upgraded 5.5-inch full-HD (1920x1080p) display. Powered by a 64 bit 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core chip and 2GB DDR3 RAM, the phone has 16GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB via microSD card. Though the company has improved some of it’s features, it still has some drawbacks. Here we listed some reasons Why You Should Not Buy Micromax YU Yureka Plus.

Yu Yureka was a Disaster, so is Yureka Plus

When we want to buy a smartphone we definitely lookup for the best features. The company’s first device Yureka, which was unveiled in December 2014, didn’t reach the expectations of users. The device has many drawbacks like heating issues, battery drain problems & poor quality of the camera which surely effects on it’s new device Yureka plus.

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Average Battery life:

Both the Yureka and its Plus variant come packed with 2,500 mAh (Lithium-Polymer) which claims to offer 7 hours of 4G talk time, or 8 hours of 3G talk time, or 9 hours of 2G talk time, or 6 hours of music playback with maximum brightness. But we think the battery backup isn’t quite encouraging as they claim as it has a 4G LTE support and the 5.5 inches Full HD display with a powerful processor which takes lots of juice to run. So we feel it should have powered by a bigger battery to boost more speed and more working capacity to YU’s Smartphone.

Yu Yureka Plus Alabaster White battery

Visual Appearance

In terms of visual appearance, Yureka Plus looks identical to its predecessors. The display is the same size as before, which is 5.5-inches.


There is not much difference between Yureka and its Plus variant. They both house a 13MP camera with Sony Exmor RS sensors but vary in the versions. The former features IMX 135 sensor, whereas the latter comes with the IMX214 sensor.

yu-yureka-plus camera


Yureka Plus costs around Rs 9,999, Rs 1,000 more than its predecessor. Except for the display and a new camera, other major features remain almost the same. No need for wasting money.


This phone cannot reach to a typical countryman of India because the company has launched its product exclusively via Amazon.in. We should think once again to get this phone as the services given by Micromax.

yu_yureka_plus_rear colours

The phone will be sold through a flash sale on Amazon starting July 24 at 12 noon and it costs around Rs 9,999. Registration for the sale started on July 20. The Yureka Plus comes in an ‘alabaster-white’ color variant along with the moon dust color variant.

Note: Friends we are not against the Mobile or Micromax, we just listed some of the drawbacks of the mobile. Every mobile has few drawbacks that doesn’t mean you should not buy the mobile but we are just letting you know few reasons why you should not buy the mobile. However, if you are willing to buy the mobile, you can.

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  1. According to me, there’s no such a con for deal breaking yureka plus….
    Heating issue can be fixed through an update…
    Battery manages to last a day…
    Camera: very good one… even yuphoria takes brilliant shots…

    And also a good response from the yu service care, where users can interact with the care member through their messenger service…

    1. R u sure that there is no such issues in that product
      Please I wanted to take that phone if u give me positive comments

    2. can you tell me which update is needed to solve heating issues. I just got my Yureka Plus and it is heating too much

  2. I’m using Yuphoria since 6 months. And I’m pretty well satisfied. Micromax phones have best specs as per their price.

  3. I agree with ur opanion. I brought this phone and I suffer from heating problem,Camera quality is extremly poor .

  4. I recently purchased this Yureka Plus phone (on 6th Aug). I find it quite good except that the operation is a bit complex compared to the costlier single-sim S4 I used earlier. Maybe it’s because I am new to the phone-I am not too sure.. The supplied manual is very faintly printed and difficult to read.
    I am in Bhiwadi Rajasthan, about 50km from Gurgaon. Can someone tell me about the nearest Service Centre and also what is the best and convenient procedure to get any technical issues regarding operation etc readily and reliably clarified? If anyone wishes to help in this regard, they can write to me on my mail-id above please.

  5. Oh really? What if i tell you that you get heating issues in Samsung Devices too? And heating can easily be solved with an update or some tweaks. Also, 2500 MAH battery is more than enough to last for a day. So kindly get your facts right! 🙂

    Guys, this is a great phone do go for it!

  6. hello sir ‘ I am very confused go for micromax yureka plus or not. In this price Lenovo k3 note will provide same specification. please tell me under 11000 which phone i got

  7. Hey! I am thinking of buying yureka plus but I am confused between yureka and lenovo k3 note. I have heard the heating problems and the camera issues with k3, but after reading this review, I am having second thoughts regarding yureka too. Also, the service center problem. Is the messenger center for yureka good enough to handle all issues?





  8. I am using yureka plus from last 2 weeks, its bomb….. Heating So much that i cant talk easily on phone, I am not using much apps, I already disable google apps, But Still heating So much, Sometimes heating In pocket with any use…worst phone ever… disappointed

  9. yureka plus is not successful divice ,it is very heating,allwayes,and bettery back is not sficient

  10. 1)i want to know how much time it takes to fully charged.
    2) And how much time can I surf internet with it?(wifi/3g/4g).
    3)is that good in low light camera test?
    I heard that yu yureka plus solved the heating problem cause in the yu yureka. plz reply. my friend is dying to buy this device. dont lie to me. no kidding.

  11. I am using yureka plus from last 2 weeks, its bomb….. Heating So much that i cant talk easily on phone, I am not using much apps, I already disable google apps, But Still heating So much, Sometimes heating In pocket with any use…worst phone ever… disappointed
    It Battery is not up to mark

  12. I am a little confused about which phone to buy. I was thinking of buying Yu Yureka Plus but after reading this post, I feel I should again consider. Please SUGGEST me a good 4g phone(if any) with good camera(both front and rear) under ₹10,000.

  13. My opinion is that the phone is good. The build is good and can take a few falls. The phone IS fast, it cannot be denied,its very fast. I’m using it as I type this. It’s very comfortable to hold too. The main problem is heating, but it’s only near the head and I don’t mind. Plus it only mainly heats when I play games. Most snapdragon SOC phones heat anyway, so there’s no use complaining. The battery life is fair and the phones manages to last a day with average use. Cyanogen is very good, the phone is very much customisable thanks to it.

    Plus I feel that whether a phone is good or not depends on the person. How much ever reviews you read, how much ever advice you ask other, in the end it’s up to you. Some phones may cater to your needs much better compared to others. There are a lot good sub 10k phones out there. So take a pick.
    Drake (an Indian)

  14. The difference highlighted between YuYureka and YuYureka plus is increased resolution and better camera, but it is just the reverse, because I have both the phones. YuYureka plus screen is much poorly blur and camera quality is severely poor as compared to its predecessor.

    1. Hmm? I don’t think that’s exactly true….. I use the phone…. In my opinion the display is better in yu yureka plus (I have used both the phones). The camera quality is almost the same.

  15. No doubt.. Purchase yureka plus.batter only some what disappointing…other thant that camera is superb,audio quality for songs excellent,full HD colourful good display, especially the cyanoge mode gives your phone abnormal rich look like 50k mobile..no doubt no one can five this phone for such low Price of only7k

  16. every 2gb RAM phone has heating issues. people feel strange because they are first time handling 2GB RAM,my yureka plus never goes above 45 degree c.it has 8hr of backup and best in its class.mail me if you want to know about yureka plus. nishantkundu18@gmail.com

  17. You mean all Snapdrgon 615 SOC phones lag. RAM is generally not an issue when it comes to heating.

  18. Sorry not ‘lag’ but ‘heat’. Snapdragon 615 is a powerful processor in its own right.

  19. MicromaxA37B very bad. Got 1 year warrenty but battary dead only 6 .5 month &phone touch dead 10 month.now it put last 1 month service centre.they took me 10 days 4 repairing but now they take from 50 days only 4repairing.perhaps I bought it ,rs3500 for throwing into water .I seem this money was black money. that is micromax. Even customer care phone number 911144770044 toll free they say.but they took rs11 from me.

  20. Please guide me about yu-yureka plus. So many post I have read. Mr. Drake is always positive about this phone. Is he a representative of Micromax who always supports this phone. I see here the only drag about this phone is the heating issues (some one wrote BOMB or someone wrote HEATER) about this phone and otherone is battery back up which is comparatively very low performance. The price is 8999 presently. Ofcourse I am not much phone friendly. I have to work merely 2-3 hours maximum on phone. please guide how buying this phone is a better option for me. I want to buy it from Flipkart/snapdeal etc online is it a good deal and will it create a new hurdle of warranty and service issues further ????

  21. After using for 5 days the screen showed white spots below screen border on yureka plus.I returned the product

  22. Hi, I have issues with drawer settings. I cannot edit the home panel and options provided in notification panel. I am using yureka plus

  23. I am using yureka plus frim last two months there is some heating broblem.and some times phone gets blank while incoming call till phone disconects,and i comoromise with this broblem,but now i want ti use oendrive with otg cable to share some data to reduse some load from phone but i got very upset when i came to know that there is no option to copy any file from mobile to pendrive it is very shoking for me then what is the fun of otg facility.wating for any solution to solve this issue and also above mentioned issues,thanku

  24. I am using yureka plus .not working WiFi hotspot. Some times missing gallery. Tha phone is a best branded iron box. Heating problem .Some times tha phone automatically Revolting .paranjaal teeratha prasnangal aanu..

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