5 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Buy Micromax Yu “Yureka”


The Indian leading Smartphone maker Micromax is getting charged to release a new CyanogenMod powered phone under a new brand “Yu”. This has been creating great buzz in Internet from past few days of its release. We have the complete details on the device which will be generally compared to Oneplus One as both run on CyanogenMod. This can be very similar (or even better) device to OnePlus One at a price of Rs. 8,999 in India which is far less than that of OnePlus One.

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micromax yureka

It’s specifications are not very flashy, but is the first mobile of OS CyanogenMod 11. Well, actually the second after OnePlus One. Micromax is up with a Cyanogenmod version with its new beast at cheap and best price supporting every feature of OPO.

Click Here to View  Specifications of Micromax Yureka

There are lot of thing that to me marked in our checklist to get a debut product of market. So here are the major 5 specifications that make this phone not a super hit debut phone. Also, we cannot expect much of these issues in this smartphone at a very low price, but while comparing with other, these seem to be drawbacks of the smartphone!

Click here to Check Micromax Yu Yureka User Complaints


The Yu’s Yureka sports a 5.5 inch display which uses an IPS panel with High Definition and thus viewing angles are decent. The display even includes Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection to make the device scratch proof and break resistant to some extent.  But if you have decent amount of knowledge about mobile screen sizes the HD display would make you disappointed on a 5.5 inch Display.

For such a great display size full HD resolution seems necessary.

Micromax-YU-Yureka display


Yu’s Yureka has 2500 mAh battery which claims to offer 7 hours of 4G talktime, or 8 hours of 3G talktime, or 9 hours of 2G talk time, or 6 hours of music playback with maximum brightness.But we think the battery backup isn’t quite encouraging as they claim as it has a 4G LTE support and the 5.5 inch display with a power processor which takes lots of juice to run.  So we feel it should have powered by a bigger battery to boost more speed and more working capacity to ‘YU’s Smartphone.

yureka battery

3.Heating Issues 

No Doubt the device is one of the Powerful Beast But the Main Problem Is That It gets Heat While Multitasking and Playing games. Because of the Heating Problem in Micromax Yu yureka many of the users Got worried Assuming Yu yureka Heating Problem A Hardware Failure . But as The device carries High end Features So that Is Pretty Obvious To Have Heat From The Micromax Yu yureka .

yu yureka heating issues

4.Yu’s Brand is New Smart Phone Maker

Yu’s is a child of One of the top Indian Smartphone Maker “Micromax” but the thing that to be consider in taking a device from Micromax is the quality of the device in terms of software and Hardware.

A tie-up with Google cannot be a gain for Micromax (Android Canvas A1) there is no point for the end users to believe this device is will be a worthy product .The fight between OPO and Micromax already made the Brand infamous among the tech groups for whom this device is aimed at. There are already rumors whirling around saying that this is a direct clone of coolpad.

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5.Sale and Service

The Micromax company has launched its debut product exclusively via Amazon.in this might be a pro and cons for the device.

  • Pros :By using e commerce sites for shopping company did a good thing because according to consumer point of views delivery at door-steps, price of product as no third party profits are added at time of purchase should be brought onto considerations
  • Cons: This phone cannot reach to a typically country man of our country. We should think once again to get this phone as the services given by Micromax. All the people who have used Micromax once in their lifetime are pretty known with time period the take.

The YU YUREKA comes in Moonstone Grey color and is priced at Rs. 8,999. It will be available exclusively on Amazon.in and registrations will start on December 19th at 2PM. It goes on sale in the second week of January 2015. It will only be available online. The company will sell leather cover and tempered glass separately. It has unlockable boot loader and offers warranty even if the phone is rooted. It will also release kernel source code. It also offers free repair or replacement at doorstep.

Update: Friends we are not against the Mobile or Micromax, we just listed some of the drawbacks of the mobile. Every mobile has few drawbacks that doesn’t mean you should not buy the mobile but we are just letting you know few reasons why you should not buy the mobile. However, if you are willing to buy the mobile, here we made a tutorial on How to Buy Micromax Yu Yureka on Amazon India- Click Here

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Too bad :p I was willing to buy this phone, but now it seems like I better go with xiaomi or One Plus One.


These reviews are biased.. Dont go with xiaomi, extremely lower quality products.. Multiple issue..
But cnt comment on one plus


xiaomi is any day better than micromax they make their own phones unlike micromax who just sell rebranded phones !!


The phone is good. As good as Xiaomi if not better. I have used Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Redmi Note. MI3 is the only Xiaomi phone which stands out for value for money, but that again doesnt have expandable storage.

praneet khandal

I have been using the phone for a month now. No complaints. The phone is amazing.

Arnab Midya

I heared that the speaker is very quite, even the ringtone is not enough audible during the incoming call. The call quality is very poor.
Is it true??


yes..its very true….i missed many calls because of the low ringtone


pls say on mail

amol suryawanshi

i am using micromax yu yureka
when i am reciving call it rcive easily
but my screen not open again
please rely me
in which setting the screen is opens when call is going on
please send me your mobile numbers i will call you


i am using micromax yu yureka
when i am reciving call it rcive easily
but my screen not open again
please rely me
in which setting the screen is opens when call is going on
please send me your mobile numbers i will call you


Some yureka devices have problem with proximity sensor.
Contact YU customer care.


The blank (or black) screen during calls is caused by the Proximity Senor of the phone. It is a hardware issue with the sensor as its detection is not as robust as it needs to be. Calibrating the proximity sensor manually can fix or at least reduce the occurrence of Blank Screen during incoming and outgoing calls. Follow these steps to calibrate the Proximity Sensor on your Yureka. This only applies to users who have updated to CM12/Android Lollipop. If you haven’t yet, check the update instructions here. Open the DialPad on your Yureka Dial *#*#7769#*#* In the proximity calibration… Read more »


Hi. I have a yureka phone. The phone does not detect when linked with a USB. What should I do. I caanot transfer any data directly from my phone to other devices.

M K Siddaram

Yes, I’m also using a Yureka phone, after finishing of call i unable to cut the call because of black scren,
and HEATING is very bad first i thought it is only in summer only, If i used inter net while charging it get heat very bad.
For these quotations Micromax only tell the answers……………..

abhishek singh

you just need to do one thing , tight the backside screw of phn. So your phn will be strt getting on.

ruddha ani

Yes..this review is biased.all the problems are relative.5.5 inch display with high resolution..what does it mean by not satisfactory !! Heating problm is not that sensitive because it comes with a strong processor..Worst blogger..


Whenever I open camera… 0.04 rupees are cutting from my balbalance


please turn off your location settling in camera located on camera screen by clicking on second last option .you can see the icon of location


if u delete ur pics ,do u get ur balance back ?

deepak more

Yu yureka mobile is batter ya no


It is a good phone. Any day better than Xiaomi at this price point. Xiaomi has a great camera, in fact an awesome camera. But over all a a telecom engineer I would recommend you Yu.


this guy who wrote the post hates micromax & yu from his heart
you can go ahead and buy this phone its great
and the 3 point says it supports 4g so whats bad in it

I know what is going on

There is hardly any difference between 2g and 3g in this part of world. Forget 4g. Corollas with a different brand name is yureka. So don’t spoil your hard earned money buying such a crap.


3G is no spread all-over and provide service not upto the mark, so how we can expect 4G service.

N Subramanian

Sir, Can you please guide me by a step by step demonstration right from unpacking, as I have just received the package containing Yu Yureka and don’t want to do anything risky? In particular, two stickers, mentioning “Step 1 This sticker helps remove the mask from the screen protector, Peel this mask off and apply this side down on your screen” and “Step 2 This sticker helps remove the mask from the screen potector, Peel this mask off once the screen protector is applied” are confusing.


dinesh raja

Ur review sucks dude… this guy just blames the phone . Don’t take this review as a count a.just go for it. Try something new and its 9k and excellent value for money..


You are right and I think that micromax should allow buyers to choose the capacity of the battery ie. If a person needs more battery life he should be provided with a higher mah battery at a suitable price so that such people don’t have to complain about it

harsh Patel



go for redmi note 4g


Best phone with biggest disadvantage
Only one slot for sim

I’m using micromax YU yureka since 1month..till today I have no complains regarding my phone..but suddenly today…I lost my phones display while it is charging…pls tell me d cost of YU yureka display cost…


dude iam using yu yureka which is very very great compared to xiomi redmi note

Akhil garg

I am using YU yurka from last 2days. I have reliance 3g network but I am not able to browsing and whatsapp video without WiFi. Please suggest some tips for resolve it.


2g internet works on it??


2G & 3G both are working fine.
(Docomo & Vodafone)

Binoy Harold

You mustn’t buy one plus one because it won’t give you any future updates.. Cynogenmods supports onlyYu in India.. This review is pointless and for the price yureka is a better phone. Which phone has this much specs under 15k


I have seen on the the review that we cannot make video call with the device. Is it true?


No dude…the person reviewing the phone meant that video call is not natively present in d fon…i.e. when u open a contact from ur contact list…options such as Message,Call,mail are directly present there…in this fon…all other options except Video Call wud b there…but u can obviously call someone thru skype etc. if ur network conditions are sufficiently good!


Exactly….apps such as skype, viber, fb messanger etc runs very smoothly on this.Go ahead try it…you won’t be disappointed.


Listen first of all it has a removable battery nd i’m prettey sure that after saving alot of money and yes alot coz its direct competitor is one plus one or maybe only you can buy a new battery with more capacity and yes it does support skype and reviewing some youtube channels and sites so yes maybe video calling too
Its main prob. is battery which i told a sol. this is the JUGAAD I would suggest because a phone at such a cost u cant miss it



senthilvasan m

This review is very biased.

For instance the battery life is not just a factor of mAH capacities, it also depends on how efficient your OS is to use the power of the battery.

Please read some other comparisons, to me the phone looks a direct competition for Redmi Note.

Have you registered already?


hey I’m currentlu using oneplus one. its a great phone for such price. smooth operation, great juice. only sad thing, cynogen mode not available for further updates.

Great Choice

You can download new updates from http://cyngn.com/support and then flash to your phone through Fastboot.


This review doesnt make any sense for not buying mmx yu. He should talk about other thing like phone spec , heat up issue, performance .

moron guy…

Vidya Sagar

See guys! Don’t even go with Xiaomi bcz it transfers all your to china. Indian Air Force has banned it in India. I am a son of IAF Airmen and i know the sensitivity of IAF data. So hope you will keep in mind this comment.


Beta chutiyay rahba


then s yureka s good mobile suggest me a good mobile with gud cam , etc plz ………..


Micromax yureka is chinese mobile,so,don’t purchase micromax yureka mobile,,xiaomi mobile ki trh isme bhi koi complaint aa skti hai,china me bna mobile aapke account ko hack kr skta hai,,shayad govt.is pr ban lga skti hai.


dude micromax is an indian brand…

Sahil Bagade

Bhai.., Micromax is an Indian brand!!! Who told u it’s a Chinese one… Just check on d Internet before spreading such rumours…!!!


Micromax is indian company accepted but its products are not indian indian.
They just rebrand. Search for coolpad f2. It is the same phone.
Software and design by Micromax and made in china. Is it the case ?
No it is completely designed and developed in china and then micromax put its yu sticker.

Well it is also a bussiness model. And if they can provide cheaper phones in india with this model, it is perfectly fine.


Micromax is an Indian consumer electronics company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.[1] Micromax started as an IT software company in 2000 and worked on embedded platforms. It entered the mobile handset business, and became one of the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company operating in low cost feature phone segments by 2010.[2] As of Q3 2014, Micromax is the tenth largest Smartphone vendor in the world


xiomi is china product, yurekha is better than xiomi


if have a money then u should go wid one plus one


Its an amazing phone!!
GIVEN THE PRICE RANGE and all its features one should go buy this phone with their eyes closed!


If you’ve got the dough, go for IPhone for all that anyone cares. But for 9K, Yureka is phenomenal.


Don’t buy yu. Its a bad phone, I returned it to amazon.


Is it that bad, I heard DAT the phone will get spoilt in a year any comments??

garvit nandwana

battery is not great ecpt all features ar great at a rate of 9000 affordable for me


Actually,mah capacity is not all… proper
Optimization of the battery also matters…
After all, I once saw a iPhone that had
1800 mah battery,and was priced rs.50000


this phone is worthy. you are posting this post only for making money. go away shit.!!!

chirag chudasama

Not at all Useful review that why I shouldnt Buy micromax YU Yureka..



super offer on live competition . do better customer service to all type of services.


Admin………..plz take the price tag in consideration.U want a FHD screen @9k

all the demarits are ‘ bakwas’


Hey guys dont belive this review… This phone is a really awesome phone with great price tag… Let me give the correct review of this phone:- 1 Display: YU Yureka has 5.5″ 720p screen which is fair enough. I ve also seen a phone with 480p having 6″ of screen and believe me it looks very good. 2 Battery: Yureka has a 2500 mah of battery which is enough for a whole day. It has Qualcom Snapdragon 615 processor which saves more battery than Qualcom Snapdragon 800. 3 Supports 4g: I dont understand why 4g would a drawback. 4g is… Read more »


Yes.. I agree completely with You.. This is shit review and he hates micro-max ..

Vidya Sagar

Yeah, this reiew is totally shit, shit and shit. See, MMX is an Indian Company and it is running in full throttle. None other than MMX dared to go for a CYANOGEN MOD, not even big brands(except OnePlus One).If you are an INDIAN then go for this phone. Exeptional specs @8999. Cheers for the legacy MMX. And also Pojja’s review is far better than the main ‘Review’.


Buddy, This is just re-branded version of “Coolpad f2” which is again a Chinese phone manufacturer. No research done by Micromax for producing this phone. So owning this device not gonna make you Indian, no doubt for such a low price it’s surely a “must by” but as far as I know Micromax lacks quality and it’s display sucks (sub 200ppi for 5.5 inch), Yeah but this phone is good for college going students and Android developers who can play around this phone (as it’s very low at price)




Ty So much Pooja, Ur review was completely clear.. This is a great device really.. Thanks again 🙂

Nilesh Nerkar

Yes Dear,
I also think that this reveiw is not correct.


Wow, cant beleive a girl knows this much about the phone ( not stereotyping, but usually girls are not updated about latest technology ). Every word you said is true. Dont know why the article is so biased against this phone which is great value for money. Of course I will wait for initial reviews but won’t find fault with anyone who just buy as soon as the phone is out since it is only 9000 rs and worth the risk.


i think d reviewer is correct in saying about the quality of services micromax provides, it’s total shit! But with Yu you never know and for 9k and such good specs..ek try toh banta hi he 😉


best phone in india with lowest price which is my micromax mobile. whis is very smooth slim and good weight with nice 5.5 inch screen to show the excellent standard of man

Rajesh Badmalia

Yes u r right Pooja, This guys say Its worst But i had used many handset of MMX currently I had also used MMX UNITE 2 It was the Best, Guys believe me Samsung and other branded phone hang badly while operating large application but MMX never. MMX is really making awesome phone with low price tag. Go for Yureka It will be best one I am waiting for this phone and really excited to test cyanogen mod 11.


I can see that u work for Mmx! Let me tell you one thing, the battery seriously sucks! 2500 mah is in no way awesome to power a smartphone. I also doubt the build qualified and it’s lifetime. The only good thing about this is Cyanogenmod.


Hi.. I have bought this ph. M using reliance3g network but internet is not working….. 🙁 plz suggest me for inetrnet settings in yureka..


i want purchase Micromax yuraka, Please suggest purchase or not.
what is drawback of this phone


Hello friends,
I am using reliance 3G net but not working in my mobile can anyone tell me his to fix dis problems.


Micromax phone is the worst phone ever…its the phone for the first time smart phones user….go with Apple if u can afford it


I agree with you, the review provided by this website is bullshit, I am using this device since 2 weeks and one word i can say its awesome. No prblms at all. proximity n network issues are fixed with latest update.

am very much confusing abt buying a cell i have money more than 15k which or better yureka or other


Hee it means I can buy micromax yu


hi guys,i want 2 know abt it~s batrry back up and abt it’s heating problem and display .

M K Siddaram

Yes, I’m also using a Yureka phone, after completing of call i unable to cut the call because of black screen, And HEATING is very bad first I thought it is only in summer only, If I used internet while charging it get heat very bad.
For these quotations Miramax only tell the answers……………..

Bhudeo S.Mohankar

sir,i order to you to send me micromax yu yureka mobile in rupees-8999/-


Micromax(YU) is better to TRUST than these china phones –>xiaomi & One Plus One.
would u expect xiaomi or One Plus One to give service within warranty period,answer is no.
they specify in e-commerce sites they give warranty but they dont bother at all(i also mean all mobile companies).even if they give service they will return ur phone with another problem.
My Suggestion is not to buy any china mobiles buy only INDIAN company mobiles .

key run

Micromax is also a Chinese company. Everybody has a wrong conception that its an Indian company.


Its an Indian company man ! Please check Wikipedia


Micromax is an Indian company getting phones manufactured from China. The phone manufacturing is contracted to various Chinese phone manufacturing vendors.

Sahil Bagade

The manufacturing is also nw done from India only from mid of 2014… So no worries… = )

sandy Thakur

Sushil….you have any quarry about MMX… You will see MMX wiki…OK..then ask the question.


Better to pay to an Indian other than a foreigner
Let our money stay in India we had enough with foreigners in the past


This is the bad idea…If people in our country sell the bad products to us…why we need to support them…this concept will never make out country go forward…. Look at Australia, do they need this kind of companys to be a develop coutry.


People with the idea like this make our country become so bad…Our country need the competition so we can get the best products


5.5″screen should have fhd(also better if disply quality not like budget type) also touch reponce of micromax not so good so far..should revise specs like recmmded 5″disply(ltps prefferd),3500mAh good for snpdrgn octa paired wth 2gb ram. pro version at about 12000rs

Thanks a lot man!
But your review only makes me want to buy the phone a lot more!!
Keep up the good work!!!
Negative reviews/opinions like yours makes the potential users aware of a product ahead of time, so that they can enjoy it thoroughly.


correct, i m also going to buy this phone.


Yes but will it blend!


8999 me MMX ki jaan loge kya ?


soooo funny


xiaomi mobiles have exceptional camera quality micromax is worst in that segment


kiska photo kich naa hein tuje?

Deepankar Singh

beta aap dslr li jie…


Dude it has a sony EXMOR sensor with a 5- lens architecture + Largan Blue lens. If you do understand what i mean. This camera is superb.

Chyati Ji

Xiaomi mobiles have pathetic camera quality.
The sound quality is awful. The microphone records even the wind so intensely that it disturbs the entire sound of the video.
Coming to the other specs, Xiaomi has only got a thumbs down.


Sada diya na bantai..


Who the hell has written this….
if there is 4g whats bad in it….
n hello z4 compact, has even has a hd screen.
t2 ultra n a lot more have the same….
n it looks real good….
ans in one word r u mad


this is truly unbaised


This phone has dual sim. Is it dual standby or dual active. None of the reviews seem to mention this.


You should kill yourself for giving such rubbish reasons .


Hi Guys,

“5 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Buy Micromax Yu “Yureka””

total Waste of review.

guys .. specification says lot about product.

go and buy the product if you have done the registration.

this mobile lot of functionalities compared to other mobiles in this price range.

And Micromax will not simply launch anything in the INDIAN market.

In my family , we have 3 micromax smart phone, all are working superb . So no making hip about the quality of MMX phone .

go and grab it.
best luck.


bhai i want 2 no abt it’s performance if u hav dis fone


Keep blaming..
this post Wil never change a buying mind..


This guy has written only for the sake of writing.. learn to appreciate bro… Micromax is doing a great job.. I have been using their phone since two years.. everything is fine..

Sourish Mitra

Phone kafi achha hai..leken kya ye phone khali online hi milega??kya kabhi mobile stores me ayega ye phone??

Jit Sen

Mera bhi ye question tha ? Yu yureka kab mobile shop me kharid sakta hu ?? Koi bata sakta hai ?? Plz anyone tell me plz…


What rubbish ….micromax YU will shake off the mobile market and it will beat off almost any phone priced even about 25000+

African American living in Africa

Are you 13?

Sumeet Kumar

Crap … Great Man .. NICE SENSE OF HUMOUR .. You are comparing Hyundai with BMW .. Atleast learn to fo a proper comparison .. Yu @ 9k and one plus one @ 21k .. Added advantage with Yu .. U r getting a nice earphone .. One plus one has no earphone.. Guys don’t get carried away with all such reviews .. If you are planning to buy a budget phone till 15 k .. This is the best option … I am going to buy it on 13 Jan only so that I get a free leather case… Read more »


China phone karidh ke
1. Health kharaab kar hein kya?
2. Kapde iron kar naa hein kya?
3. Patent law kaa ullanghaan kar ke, baad mein bhina support ka rahna hein kya?

Year 2015 mein bhi 4G network expect nahi kar sakthe hein kya?
Agar quality photo kech naa hein tho, CANON, SONY, NIKON ka camera purse mein leke gumo, but don’t expect it in any mobile camera


All potential non buyers can back off reading this shit review..This only increases chances of genuine buyers…remember this company got Hugh jack man to endorse for them. …okay…you got it..even tiger woods vouches for a shitty ____moto Corp! !!


lol a simple thing i just wana ask to the person who posted this .. How much money did u get frm th Chinese mobile phne makers for posting this shit ? dnt u knw xiaomi ws banned in india .. u fool .. am a micromax user and am 100% satisfied wit it and alot do .. i was th user of canvas fun currently using knight & nva faced any issue .. the only thing is many shits lyk u dnt evn knw hw to use a smartphne & starts to cmnt against thm & if itz indian… Read more »


That right guys..BIASED column, seems like a paid by OPO (Everyone knows why!!!) or XIAOMI….!!! Otherwise the writer wouldn’t ridiculously summarize the column as” 5 reasons why you shouldn’t by Micromax Yu “Yureka” (Drawbacks)” In just 140 USD / 8999 INR, you will get contract free custom android OS armoured device which has: *5.5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass class 3 protection *Octa-Core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 (MSM8939) (ARM Cortex A53 – 4×1.5GHz + 4×1.0GHz) processor with Adreno 405 GPU *2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB internal memory, expandable memory up to 32GB with microSD *Dual SIM… Read more »


This guy is totally nuts. I have used mmx funbook P300… 7inch display at 800*480 resolution and tell you what… It didn’t bothered me at all. Now we have a HD Display for 5.5 Inch… it’s really better!

Raghavendra kharya

This phone has superb specifications for the price …… Only thing that bothers me is it has exact same specification as that of chinese phablet coolpad f2


Don’t compare it with Chinese clone COOLPAD F2, as MMX YUREKA has robust Octa-Core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 but the COOLPAD F2 has cheap MediaTek MT6592.


Well we should keep one thing in mind while purchasing this phone, what can you expect more from a device priced at 8999/-. even samsung galaxy note 2 has the same specs ( screen size, ppi, processor clock rate, cpu cores, ram and even yu doesnt have unnecessary bloatware what samsung has. so maximised performance). what described for yureka yu is same except for the battery 3100 mah ( note 2). Note 2 performance was a monstrous beast…everyspec is absolutely same with yureka yu and even yureka yu uses cyanogen and qualcomm cpu and gpu ( more energy efficient when… Read more »


I have several micromax phones and these are good to experience. Another plus point in buying micromax is that it is made by an indian firm

bharath jay

Its an indian made, we should elate it should not degrade nake d custmrs to buy chinese mobiles.we should be proud that our indian company is providing the cheapest LTE mobile


Lol this is such a biased article. Since when did making a 4G phone become a crime? Wow. This phone is amazing. It’s cheap because it’s RIGHTLY priced. But perhaps some people are fine with buying a phone for 40k only to see it selling at 22k a year later.


chill guys the reviewer is a certain kind of blogger who uses his SEO techniques to get traffic to this page so they earn in the form of ads,and my dear content creator pls get a life bro,what more features u get at this price range so u will support China xiaomi atleast support Indian brands,Imran uddin remove this post keep geninue one


micromax doesnt make phones they just resell low quality chinese phone thats y pathetic service they just put stickers in India xiaomi makes their own phones


BIASED column, seems like a paid by OPO (Everyone knows why!!!) or XIAOMI….!!! Otherwise the writer wouldn’t ridiculously summarize the column as” 5 reasons why you shouldn’t by Micromax Yu “Yureka” (Drawbacks)” In just 140 USD / 8999 INR, you will get contract free custom android OS armoured device which has: *5.5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass class 3 protection *Octa-Core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 (MSM8939) (ARM Cortex A53 – 4×1.5GHz + 4×1.0GHz) processor with Adreno 405 GPU *2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB internal memory, expandable memory up to 32GB with microSD *Dual SIM *CyanogenMod OS… Read more »

its a best ever phone in this segment at a very affordable rate.as compared to xiomee redme note4g its giving u more features like dual sim .kikat with Cyanagon and octacore processor which is not available in redme note

well, simply put this phone looks like good value for money. as for the battery issue, power banks are quite cheap these days. But i would still reserve my final views until i get it in Jan…

Jay Bhatt

If I were you I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Here are some of the drawbacks from my point of view. 1. The screen is not full HD: Sure there isn’t much difference between HD and FHD but just take it outside under the direct sunlight and you’ll see my point. 2. 4G: There was truly no need of 4G as only few people use this. In my opinion 4G is provided here to just make the phone different. Rather then doing this they should have provided some more improvements. 3. 2500 mAh battery: This is very disappointing. No matter… Read more »

The Hungarian Horntail

i would better go with a snapdragon than a mediatek in spite of marginally lower benchmark because snapdragon is open source. As for 4g, its a great feature and you can expect 4g networks to increase drastically in the coming years. I agree with your point of 64 bit archetecture though, however we should also keep in mind that it consumes lesser ram than 32 bit, and getting a gig of free ram isnt that bad. For build quality, i have no experience with xiaomi but have used a mmx canvas doodle and it has served GREAT for one and… Read more »

Somesh gorde

This guy didn’t proved why one shouldn’t buy this… Why he is hatred about micromax… I think one should go for yureka according to features they are claiming and mainly the price tag….


really superb mobile in this price…..
i bought Samsung galaxy note 3 (made in Korea) in Rs.7800 no guaranty no warranty….
“is mobile se accha to Yureka mobile he” with warranty… and pure indian brand…. i will buy this mobile….. i am not agree with this review…


..you are comparing note 3 with MMx. It is sufficient to know how gud is ur intellect.
I’m nt concerned abt dis phone…bt I own a note 3 n i knw wat it is.


i said i bought samsung galaxy note 3 made in korea mobile…. thats not original samsung galaxy mobile…..
there is in Korean mobile camera quality like china mobile and poor battery so i want to say i bought this mobile in Rs7800 without warranty then why should I miss this mobile, which has good camera, storage, RAM, screen and all coming with warranty


This Review Sucks………….
If Micromax launches a 3 Ghz 16-core Qualcomm snapdragon processor with 4 GB RAM, 128 GB Internal Memory, 42 MP/16 MP camera, 7000 mAh battery for 25,000 rs……. U again gonna give ‘Boo’ to it.. Because U guys are looking only the Brand Name..
Aren’t you Guys Take account of Price????
Im gonna Buy This………
coz, im lovin’ it… and I AM AN INDIAN…..


Well written bro.


A great great round of applause for all u Guys…Well said….Please see the price tag and then think over its specifications …we all will buy MMX YU…….
Please Guys ‘Be Indian Buy Indian and also Promote Indians’ then only our Country will be stream lined with the Countries like Japan, China and US.


Haha support the bad companys ,so will be a fool in international community… Micromax is not my father..if they want me to support…they need to make the products better first…if u want us to use only Indian companies… Why we don’t close our country and use only Indian products and no competition… The companies have no nationality… Behind Micromax ..im sure the investors are foreign country.


Are u son of xiaomi or any Chinese father?


Considering the price, its awesome. ….
If compare with Xiaomi Mi3 or other mobiles, which cost much much higher than Yu, its a credit to Yu and discredit to other mobiles. The comparison issue comes when both are in same level……
If drawbacks required to find out from power-packed, ultra low priced ‘Yu’, its also a credit to ‘Yu’ as the lovers of other high end mobiles feeling jealous !!



folks, just look at the comments! I truly believe this review is sponsored by Micromax themselves… cant you see a pattern guys? a weak, blatant and unjustified review that attracts so much traffic and comments in support of YUREKA, isnt that a blessing for a new brand coming fresh into the market?

While I am eagerly waiting for the YU device to be launched and would like to lay my hands on one, I am amazed to see such campaigns that generate a lot os buzz and capture a considerable amount of mindshare of netizens..



Hi All,
i like this phone , who is using this phone right now.


I think its brilliant.Though waiting for higher specced yu.


Fake review……I have used it .