July 28, 2016

Microsoft’s New iOS Camera App ‘Pix’ Is A Great Alternative To Apple’s Default Camera App

Microsoft released a new camera app called ‘Pix’ for the iPhone which is tuned to take better photos without any extra effort from you.  It is a part of Microsoft’s continued push to build applications for platforms beyond those that it controls directly, especially iOS and Android. The free app was built by Microsoft Research members and released for free on the iOS App Store.

Microsoft Pix – A Smart Camera App for your iPhone (2)

Microsoft Pix – A Smart Camera App for your iPhone:

Described as a “smarter camera app,” Microsoft Pix uses artificial intelligence to take the best photo. It improves photos by adjusting camera settings and automatically enhancing pictures. When you snap a picture, it looks at what’s in the frame and then adjusts focus, color, and exposure.

Microsoft Pix – A Smart Camera App for your iPhone (1)

It also snaps a burst of photos and then picks out the best ones for final use. So, if you’re a little shaky while taking the photo, this burst method helps to pick the most stable image from the bunch.

Microsoft Pix – A Smart Camera App for your iPhone (3)

Additionally, Microsoft Pix automatically creates a short looping video much like Apple’s Live Photos anytime it detects motion. That is, Pix converts a bunch of similar images into a moving Live Image, but only if it thinks the motion in the scene is interesting. Microsoft touts its feature as a way to get the best parts of Apple’s moving picture functionality without requiring as much storage space and stabilizing the result.

The app also integrates Microsoft’s Hyperlapse technology to stabilize video shots. This will also enable you to turn your existing photos into a time-lapse or simply stabilize previously recorded video footage.

The best part about the Microsoft pix is that it is available on both iPhone and iPad. It works on all iPhone models above the iPhone 5s. Microsoft Pix for Android is in the works as well.

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