April 17, 2020

Spyzie Alternatives: Apps That Will Allow Better Monitoring

Spyzie is Tom Cruise in the world of spying, you won’t find any other app more popular than Spyzie.

Being so much popular is only possible because most of the tracking features of the app are flawless. But this doesn’t mean that other apps can’t even compete with Spyzie.

In fact, some of the app not just give a nail-biting competition to Spyzie, but also beat it in a true sense.

So this article is here to introduce you to some of those apps that can be called a perfect substitute to Spyzie.

The reasons to look for some other apps can be countless. You might be finding Spyzie a bit steep, facing a problem with the feature you need the most, or anything else.

But the thing is that why to compromise when you have tons of other options handy.

So here are 3 best Spyzie alternatives for those who want to wash their hands off Spyzie and need something else.

3Best Spyzie Alternatives

1. mSpy

msy dashboard

mSpy is no less than Spyzie in terms of popularity. And when it comes to monitoring of the target device, the working of features of mSpy even surpass Spyzie.

In a detailed comparison of mSpy and Spyzie by SpyDrill it is clear that how mSpy is a better tracking app.

The list of mSpy features is countless. From the monitoring of social apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat to tracking photos and videos, mSpy offers all the features that will fully monitor your kids.

Even in terms of setup and installation, mSpy is much easier to start with.

You don’t get flooded with the flock of permissions and the complete setup can be done within 10 minutes.

Successful tracking of the child’s phone is possible when you always keep an eye on the browsing history. mSpy tracks the history from the target device and present it before you.

If you find your kid opening an inappropriate website or link, just block it by proving its link to mSpy.

Other cool blocking features of mSpy include, Block Calls, Block Wifi, and Block Applications. These features will further ease you in having control over the kid.

Talking about its price, mSpy has 2 different plans, the first one, the Basic package and the second one is the Premium package.

The basic package is for, $29.99/month, same as Spyzie and the Premium package is for $69.99/month, a bit expensive than Spyzie.

mspy pricing

So if money is not your concern and you need to track the kids with premium features, mSpy is the best replacement for Spyzie.

2. iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor dashboard

This app is not much famous as compared to Spyzie. But when it comes to features, iKeyMonitor is unbeatable.

All the social media apps that the kid can possibly use are available to track on iKeyMonitor.

The common social media platforms like Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook are available along with not so common platforms like Hike, Kakao Talk, OK, and QQ.

Obviously, other common monitoring features like Geo-fencing, keylogger, Photos are available as well.

But how about if you get the advanced monitoring features like Call Recording, Surrounding sounds, and remote access to the camera?

ikeymonitor surrounding sounds

iKeyMonitor offers you all these features. And you what’s more surprising? All these features are available for unrooted Android devices as well.

The interface of iKeyMonitor is very clean and the app is really easy to use. The updates given by the app are quicker than Spyzie and mSpy as well.

iKeymonitor works amazingly and unlike most of the spying apps, it gives you random screenshots from the target device.

With these random screenshots sent by iKeyMonitor from time to time, it’s easy to know what is kid watching on the phone right now.

You’ll be in a shock to know what I’m going to tell you next. The app offers you a lifetime free offer as well. Yes, that’s true.

You can use the free plan of the app with all the basic tracking features available. Another plan will cost you $29.16 with access to all the premium features (still cheaper than Spyzie.)

ikeymonitor pricing

3. Spyera


The next best alternative for Spyzie is Spyera. This is another monitoring app that gives access to all the advanced features without rooting the target device.

Need to know what’s your child doing? Remotely access the camera and take the secret photos or make a video.

Similarly, know what all the teen discusses with their friends by getting access to the microphone or recording the call.


If all these features are available without rooting the target cellphone. Can you guess what all you’ll get with the rooted device?

The gates to almost all the features are open now. Other than the normal call recording you’ll be able to record the calls on Facebook, Hangouts, LINE, Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber.

This is just a small introduction to Spyera and its features, the actual list of features is way too long.

Most importantly, just like Spyzie, the apps work in a hidden mode and give remote access to the target device.

Spyera will cost you $31.99/month. This means the app is a little more expensive than Spyzie, but take my word, you won’t miss Spyzie after getting Spyera.

spyera pricing

Final Words

Adding all the three apps was not at all random. I have personally tested each and every app mentioned above.

It would be wrong to say that Spyzie doesn’t even stand in front of these apps. But you might have thousands of genuine reasons as to why you need to switch the app.

You might face trouble while using some features of Spyzie. And you compulsorily need them to spy on the kids and those features are not working in Spyzie as expected.

As a professional of the monitoring app services I personally assure you that giving a shot to any of the apps mentioned above won’t let you down.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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