February 12, 2018

Microsoft Sends Legal Notices To Developers Saying, “You Can’t Name Your App “Windows”

 Microsoft has tons of apps in its App store meant for Windows users. But, from now on, it seems like there is no place for apps that include ‘Windows’ in their name. Not at all, if they start sending legal notices.


According to the latest reports, the tech giant requests that developers should remove the name “Windows” from their respective applications. The developers of the affected apps are getting emails from MSFT lawyers informing them that the use of the name ‘Windows’ for their app infringes the copyrights. They asked the developers to rename the app or take it down from the Store. Otherwise, it might get erased by Microsoft itself without further notice. And they only gave only one day for the programmers to carry out all necessary actions to remove Windows from the app’s name.

Several sites are also receiving notifications demanding that they have to remove the word Windows from their applications. Among the affected apps are names such as the German website apps WindowsArea.de (which has been available in the Microsoft store since 2012) and Dr. Windows. Both the site owners received the mail on Saturday.

What is making this situation a bit bizarre is that many apps with Windows names are running for a long time and since those past years, the Microsoft has never had such an attitude. So, why Microsoft suddenly bothered by app names?

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