March 15, 2021

Easy Guide on How to Access MyHR Mizzou

No matter what kind of establishment—may it be a renowned company or even a university—some kind of platform to help Human Resources with employee management is always a plus. One of the universities in the United States that utilize some kind of online employee portal is the University of Missouri. With the myHR Mizzou portal, employees will be able to access and view their work schedules, check on current and past pay stubs, as well as review the different benefits they can avail.

The University of Missouri, otherwise known as Mizzou, is a public land-grant research university. For those who may not know, it’s actually the most extensive university in all of Missouri, and out of all four campuses within the University of Missouri System, this one is the flagship.

Given this information, it’s clear to see that it’s quite an impressive university—and even more so thanks to its top-notch employee management system known as myHR. As mentioned, employees can make use of a variety of services through this online portal. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to access.

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For new faculty and staff, one of the most important things they need to learn more about right away is University of Missouri’s list of benefits. There are several that employees can enroll in, according to the UM System’s 2021 Benefits Guide, which details the different offers and plans available.

  • Healthy Savings Plan: No matter where the employee is located, the Healthy Savings Plan will always be available to them. This particular plan goes hand-in-hand with the Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Health Savings Account: The Health Savings Account is an eligible option for those who enrolled in the Healthy Savings Plan. The account will be created via Optum Bank, and the funds saved here will be used for future health-related expenses.
  • Custom Network Plan: Unfortunately, the Custom Network Plan isn’t available for all staff. The only eligible employees are those whose home addresses or official business units are situated in areas within Columbia or St. Louis.
  • PPO Plan: Most if not all faculty and staff are eligible for the PPO Plan, as location isn’t a major requirement. This is a medical insurance plan that consists of an extensive range of providers.
  • Flexible Spending Account: Depending on what kind of medical plan the employee enrolled in, a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and/or a Dependent Care FSA may be on offer for them. While it’s not required to enroll in a medical plan in order for the Health Care FSA to be available to the employee, they’ll no longer be eligible for this offer if they (or their spouse) are already enrolled in an HSA.
  • Dental: Similar to the other plans, dental insurance is also available to employees no matter the location. The insurance works in partnership with Delta Dental, and offers three different services: preventive, basic, and major.
  • Vision: EyeMed Vision Care will be the one to administer the Vision insurance. As long as the employee’s location accepts EyeMed, then they will be able to avail the discounted group rate.
  • Life, Long Term Disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Mizzou employees have several life insurance plans to choose from, along with plans for long-term disability and accidental death and dismemberment.

Requirements Before Logging In

Before employees can login to their MyHR Mizzou accounts, they must first secure the following requirements:

  • They must not be afraid to give out sensitive personal information.
  • They must be an official faculty or staff of Mizzou.
  • They need to have a strong internet connection and a laptop or mobile device that can connect to it.
  • They should have a valid email address for logging in.

How to Login to MyHR Mizzou

Now that all requirements have been ensured, here’s how employees can login to their MyHR Mizzou account:

  1. Open up any web browser and head over to
  2. The browser will be redirected to the MyHR Mizzou Login page.
  3. Enter the Username and Password before hitting “Submit.”


MyHR Mizzou is a wonderful employee management portal that faculty and staff from the University of Missouri surely appreciate and benefit from. Thanks to this online service, employees will have no trouble reviewing all kinds of details regarding their line of work, and most especially concerning the benefits they can enroll in.

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