January 12, 2018

The New ‘Sgnl’ wristband Lets You Hear Phone Calls Through Your Fingertips

A South Korean startup called Innomdle Lab has designed and introduced a smartwatch strap that turns your fingers into a phone receiver. This futuristic product dubbed as Sgnl wristband, when paired with a phone, allows you to receive phone calls by just touching your finger to your ear. It means there won’t be any need to take out mobile phones from the pocket and pick up a phone with your hand every time you receive a call.

sgnl-wristband-to-recieve-calls-with-finger (1)

Through the world’s first BCU (Body Conduction Unit) technology, which is yet to be released this year post-March, the Sgnl works in few steps. It first transmits the sound through your hand as vibrations. The vibrations travel down your wrist to your fingertip generating the sound you can hear.

The wearable, which was originally developed as a concept for Samsung’s C-Lab, can store up to five contacts, which can be accessed using its navigation buttons. However, later it’s assumed to get updated and store more than five contacts.

The Sgnl technology not only can make calls but can also work as a pedometer, sleep monitor, fitness tracker and has many apps which can be integrated with it. And Sgnl’s strap can be affixed with any traditional watch or wristband or worn by itself.

sgnl-wristband-to-recieve-calls-with-finger (1)

This wristband-slash-watch strap is compatible with both Android as well as iOS and is water resistant. It posses a battery life of four hours of call time and up to four days in the standby mode.

One advantage of this is device is that no one except the user will be able to hear the vibrations and the phone calls can be received safely.

Well, this wearable should be shipping in March, and the general sales will follow up soon after.

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