September 27, 2019

The latest in cool casino apps: a guide

If you’re into gambling, there’s nothing quite like a casino for maximum excitement. From the tension of the poker room to the buzzing and visual pleasure of a slot machine, there’s a game for everyone around a casino. But getting to one can be hard: they tend to be located either in big cities or in resort locations, for example, which can mean there’s an accessibility issue for many. And there’s sometimes an atmosphere in real world casinos that can be a bit difficult to contend with, especially if you’re something of an introvert.

That’s where casino apps come in. By playing your favorite casino games at home, you’ll be able to avoid all the problems of transport and atmosphere and instead enjoy a wager or two in the privacy of your house. And with bonus codes online casinos NJ now available, there’s even more of a reason to get involved – as you could well save money and keep more of your winnings rather than shell out in fees. This article will explore some of the latest cool casino apps which you can enjoy on your mobile phone or tablet.


Before choosing an app, it’s wise to think about what you need out of your mobile casino gambling experience. Do you want to have a specific service provided, or do you want a wide range of game choices to choose from? If the latter, you can’t go wrong with Betway. This app contains a huge range of choice, including everything from roulette games to slots and blackjack – so there’s something for everyone. The advantage of an app like this is that you’re not tied down: if you get bored of one game, for example, you just as easily switch to the next.

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888 Casino

For some people, the priority from their app is rigorous digital architecture which won’t let them down. Those who want that would do well to investigate the offering from 888 Casino, a piece of kit designed by software company NetEnt. The potential downside of 888 Casino is that it doesn’t have quite as extensive a range of casino games as some of its more “casino supermarket”-model competitors, but that doesn’t have to rule it out. In fact, many gamers find that the beautiful aesthetic and smooth in-app experience far outweigh the range of choice that other providers offer.

And in any case, the range of games is still extensive enough to give you plenty of choices. From card games to slots, there are all kinds on offer here. Another advantage of this app is that it’s suitable for all kinds of mobile operating systems: while the usual two, iOS and Android, are both represented, it’s also fully compatible with other systems such as Nokia.

Bet 365

For others, however, the primary goal when choosing a casino app provider is not a range of game choice, software quality, or even in-app experience. For others, it’s cash. If you’re interested in narrowing down your range of casino software choices based on a good the bonus is or what the fee or deposit structure is, then, it’s well worth looking into Bet 365.

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This app offers new players a hefty financial bonus, and it could be up to $200 in some cases. What’s more, all that is required to get the bonus ball rolling is to make a deposit of at least $20 – so the return on investment can be quite high. And even better, Bet 365 also offers a huge range of possible games to play too – so you won’t need to sacrifice other goals, such as ensuring you have lots of choices. There is, for example, a live dealer option available for those who want to experience some live excitement. And the slot games have clearly been designed with aesthetic power in mind, as many of the games – including the Age of the Gods one – are made to entertain.

Casino gaming is one of the most engaging forms of mobile gaming these days, and it’s easy to see why, Casino app developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that there is an app for everyone: from the broad appeal of Betway to the top software approach of providers like 888 Casino, there are plenty to pick from. So gone are the days when you needed to head to a physical location in order to enjoy a wager or two: now, there’s a whole world of choice right there from your home.

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