July 22, 2016

Do You Know The Secret Font In Whatsapp Chat? Here’s A Trick To Use It

WhatsApp is definitely the best mobile messaging app ever made for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia & Java Mobiles. If you have active Internet connection on your mobile phone, then with the help of this app you can send unlimited messages, videos, audios, images to anyone. As we all know that the WhatsApp’s popularity has grown so popular that many WhatsApp tips and tricks coming in the internet. It is estimated that WhatsApp has more than 400 million active users around the world. Due to it’s fast message delivery service and some other cool features many people were attracted towards it.

We always addict to the new things. Whats app always wants to provide the users the best features. Recent change in the whats app is regarding end-to-end encryption of whats app calls and chats. It has got a lot of appreciation from all the active users around the world. With the same intention whatsapp introduced a new fun font in the chat. So you may get a doubt, “What is that new font and How to use it?”. So,here is an answer for all those who got bored of chatting in the same old font.

What is the new font?

The new font is called as “Fixedsys”. It has been using from a long time by the Microsoft Windows Users in Notepad, Ms Word etc.

fixedsys font

How To Use The Font?

The usage of this font is very simple. All you need to do is to use the symbol. Use the symbol() three times before and after the desired word.

For example if you want to type "Hello" in new font, then type“`hello“` .

whats app new font 1


Where can we get apostrophe (`) symbol?

Go to the symbols in the keypad. Select the symbol (`) next to the symbol (~).

new font symbol

Isn’t this font amazing? This font is available for android users. Very soon it is going to be launched in iOS also. Whats app is going to bring a lot of new features like gif images, music player icon etc. Let us wait until the launch of new features.

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