July 25, 2020

Ocean Of Movies – A Complete Review

Is there are a movie that you’ve been eagerly waiting to get released? Are you waiting for it to be made available online? It might take a while for any new movie to hit the internet legally. If you can’t wait for your favorite new movie to be officially uploaded on the internet and are looking for places where you can find pirated movies, Ocean of Movies might just be the place to be.

Ocean of Movies, as the name suggests is a website with a huge collection of movies easily available to download. Be it comedy, action, romance, or drama, it has numerous movies belonging to different categories. Not only the different genres, but all these movies are also available in different languages. The cherry on top is that all the latest movies are available in HD for the audiences.

With Ocean of Movies, you don’t have to wait for your favorite movie that you’ve been dying to watch to be uploaded officially. All you have to do is log on to the internet and watch your favorite movie from the comfort of your room. Although the website is a huge success, it breaks the law by providing pirated movies to the public. It is a punishable crime and damages the movie industry. Entertainment at the cost of other peoples’ earnings is not a good option.

Why Is It So Popular?

Ocean of Movies offers its visitors the best collection of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movie industries. There is also a separate section for South Indian movies. All these movies are available in high quality with no issues in downloading. Just a few clicks and the movie is available on your system. Furthermore, English movies are also available in Dual-audio, which means that it gives the option to the viewer to convert its audio to a different language. If you’re interested in watching a Telugu movie, you can easily convert it to Hindi or English and enjoy it to the fullest.

However, there is no option for online streaming. They are only available to download and watch offline. Overall, the website is user-friendly and navigation is also easy. The latest movies released are on the homepage of the website, so there is no hassle in terms of search. But if you would like a watch an old movie, the search bar is right in front of the visitors.

Is It Legal?

If you ask us if the Ocean of Movies is a legal entertainment option, we will have to tell you that it is not.

Technically, it is not legal to host such websites that share pirated content. It is a major issue worldwide which has always been a bone of contention for the moviemakers and artists. Several times, governments have taken action and halted these websites. The Ocean of Movies is on the same list. You cannot access its main domain from India because it has been blocked by the government.

Several users use a different VPN to gain access. Everyone is interested in entertainment which should be free of cost, but no one thinks about it morally. Although it is not the only website which is offering free movies, there are hundreds of more, but the Ocean of Movies has become a target because of its popularity.

The general public is also eager to get hold of everything new without actually paying for it. Be it a movie or any drama, they want to watch up to date content so that they can be ahead of everyone or post reviews on their websites. It is not just an individual who is involved – there are a lot of people who benefit. It is similar to a business that has several ancillary firms linked to it. It is also because ordinary users are unlikely to face any legal consequences over watching any pirated content.

Any blogger who is posting reviews of movies is doing legal work, but their source of information is not legal. So they will not declare such websites as illegal, but if you see it under the law or from the film producers’ perspective, this is unlawful.

The major issue is that most consumers will not consider this as stealing. According to a survey, 70% of users do not consider piracy a problem. Most of them argue that when an artist sells his music, there are high chances that people will not buy it but if it is available freely, people will listen to it. When artists can upload everything on YouTube, then what is the issue with these websites. The majority of the users of the Ocean of Movies belong to the same school of thought.

Is It Safe To Browse?

Accessing such websites is not only against the law, but there are also high chances that your system might get a virus or malware. The act of distributing movies without the consent of the actual owner is already a theft, so the advertisements on this website will also be suspicious, as they don’t have a proper business or a name to protect. The biggest source of malware is advertisements, as even if you click by mistake, you will be directed to a suspicious website.

Similarly, a system is always attacked if it allows entering it. That is, when you download something, it gets into your system. So you never know by downloading these movies you are actually making your system vulnerable to such risks. A virus damages the software interface and it can also steal your data.

Closing Word

Piracy or any act of cheating is simply unacceptable everywhere. It is considered a serious offense to copy someone’s work without permission. However, as long as the public is getting what it wants, websites like Ocean of Movies will continue to entertain masses. Considering the diversity of content available and the ease with which anyone can download content, and that too in high quality, are reasons good enough to bring Ocean of Movies on the list of some of the best places to watch your favorite movies to our heart’s content for free!

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