September 7, 2018

How to track mobile location with just a phone number?

Do you want to track a mobile phone location with just a phone number? In this tutorial, we will teach you how to track a mobile phone location with just a phone number.

I need to warn you: tracing someone’s mobile phone without their permission is illegal, and could land you in jail. We, at Alltechbuzz, take no responsibility for your actions. We assume you’re using this knowledge for the good of humanity.

This is what we assume about your intentions of learning this technique:

Imagine you’re in love with someone who is kidnapped by your arch-nemesis/villain of your story. The police refuse to help you because they are crooked and is turning a blind eye to the villain. The only way to get your lost love back is by tracing the location of her phone number.

Don’t worry, man! You will get your lost love back. We will teach you how to trace a mobile phone location with just a phone number.

How to trace a mobile phone’s location with only the phone number?

It is not exactly that hard to trace someone’s location. It is super easy. But first, what do you need?

What do you need to get started?

  • A laptop or a computer
  • An internet connection
  • Kali Linux OS
  • TrackUrl pen-testing tool

Follow these steps to find the location of any mobile phone:

Step #1. Boot into Kali Linux in your computer or Virtual box

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - Open kali linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux operating system designed for security and pen-testing tools. If you don’t have Kali Linux, download and install Kali Linux OS on your computer. Or you can install a virtual machine on your computer with VirtualBox Kali Linux.

Step 2. Download install TrackUrl from GitHub

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - Download install TrackUrl From GitHub

TrackUrl is a pen-testing tool made by Z_Hacker. It gives the location of the mobile phone where the link is opened.

Follow these steps to install TrackUrl:

  • Download TrackUrl from GitHub

Either type or copy-paste this code in the terminal to download the files from GitHub

#       git clone
  • Then change the folder sharing permissions for the public

Copy-paste this code in the Kali Terminal to make the folder available to public:

#       chmod -R 755 TrackUrl
  •  Change the current directory to TrackUrl

Copy-paste the following code to change the directory in the kali terminal:

#       cd TrackUrl

Step 3. Run the TrackUrl tool in Kali Linux

The next step is run the TrackUrl tool. Use this code to run it from the terminal:

#       ./

Once you run the above code, the application starts running. It will generate an URL and redirects to the local folder of your computer. The window ngrok gives you necessary information.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - Run track URL from the terminal When someone visits this URL, the location and other browser data is pinged back to you.

Step 4. Copy-paste or type the HTTPS URL to terminal

Before you send the URL to the mobile you want to track, you need to open the output stream of the URL. Copy-paste the HTTPS link to display the information the link is gathering.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - Display the output stream by copy-pasting the url to the terminal
Press enter you input the URL.

Press enter you type in the HTTPS URL. After you press enter, the terminal will open a new window that displays the output stream.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - Track the location in the "tail" terminal window

The “tail” window displays the location but it will be empty since you haven’t sent it to anyone.

Step 5. Send the HTTPS URL to your friend to see if this works

I sent the URL link to my collegue and friend Shrinath, who works as an SEO at Alltechbuzz. This is the screenshot of the message I sent him.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - Send the URL to the device you want to locate

My friend already knows that I sometimes draw sketches. So he wasn’t suspecting me. So, he clicked on the link. The link took him to the webpage we set up.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - This what the URL looks like

As long as this window is open, the location is collected by this webpage and updates the tail log. If he stays here long enough, the location is traced every 2 seconds and pinged back to your computer.

Step 6. Find and copy the location of the device from the tail window

After they click on the link and then visit the page you setup, the tail window will be updated with the location of the device from which the link is opened.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - tail window log display of trackurl

The location is updated every 2 seconds. However, the tracking stops as soon as the window or tab is closed.

The two numbers after the GET /logme/, are the longitute and latitude of the device. Copy these numbers or write them down.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - copy the longitude and latitude of the device

The longitude and latitude of my friend’s phone are highlighted above. He is in the same office that we work.

Step 7. Put the longitude and latitude in Google Maps.

Now paste the longitude and latitude in Google Maps. You will know where the device is located.

How to track mobile location with only a phone number - check the location in google maps

Now this information is not accurate, since our office is a little away from the location that is being shown in the maps. That’s because my friend and I keep the location OFF in our mobile phones. But the general area of the location is right up to 100 meters. The pin in the maps near the bakery is roughly where our office is located.

Again, I have to say, tracking someone’s location is illegal and could land you in jail.

How to track mobile location with IP address?

If you don’t know the phone number, but you know the IP address of the device, use this technique to track the mobile phone location. If you don’t know how to find the IP address of your device, read this tutorial.

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Step 1. Start your Kali machine

You need to boot your Kali Linux machine and follow the instructions below to track the phone location using IP address.

Step 2. Install and Upgrade liblocal and JSON module

This technique requires you to install and upgrade the liblocal and JSON modules

Use the following commands to one after the other:

apt-get install liblocal-lib-perl
apt-get install libjson-perl
apt-get upgrade libjson-perl
sudo cpan JSON

Follow the instructions on the screen and upgrade/install the needed packages.

It might take a little while to download and install the required JSON and liblocal packages. The time depends on your internet connection and computer speed.

Step 3. Download and install ip-locator from GitHub

First, you need to install the ip-locator perl app from GitHub.

Copy-paste the following code to download ip-locator:

git clone


How to track mobile phone using ip adress - ip-locator kali linux

To install the ip-locator, you need to change the directory to that folder. Use the following code to change the directory:

cd IP-Locator

Now make the Perl file executable using these commands:

chmod +x

Now that you made the file executable, next is the installation of ip-locator. Use these commands:


The ip-locator is successfully installed if you see this:

How to track mobile phone using ip adress - ip-locator kali linux

Step 4. Use the ip-locator to track the ip address

You need to give the ip address of the device or computer you want to locate as the input for the ip-locator.

Usage method:

./ [IP address]
./ [Domain]
./ [Host]

Example commands:


Type the ip-location of your computer to check if it is working. The output result will be something like this:

How to track mobile phone using ip adress - ip-locator kali linux

So get the ip-address of the phone and use the ip-locator app to track the location. It is as simple as that.

How to find lost mobile phone location with find my device app?

If you lost your mobile phone and want to know where it is, it is very easy to find the location. All you need to do is google find my device and let google track your devices.

Yes, google is tracking your devices in the name of security. When you log into your mobile phone and any other devices with you google account, you (and google) can easily track your device location.

 Mobile phone tracker app - Find my device

You can directly make your phone ring while you’re on the computer. To do that. Press the “Ring” button.

Or go to this page – google find my phone – and follow the instructions.

First, login to your google account. Then click on the device you want to locate from the list that is displayed as shown below.

Mobile phone tracker google find my device

After you click on device you want to locate, the google mobile locater will give options to ring, locate and recover your device.

Mobile phone tracker - find my device

You can do the following using the google find my phone app:

  • Call you phone
  • make your phone ring
  • Erase the data on your phone
  • lock your phone
  • and many more

If you have switched on the location tracking for google, at least consider switching it on now. But know these vulnerabilities.

5 Best mobile tracker apps (Spy Apps)

Mobile phone tracker apps or Spy apps have become popular over the years. Due to cyber bullying and predators that lurk in the dark corners of the internet who target kids, parents are becoming overwhelmingly vigilant. This is where spy apps come in handy. We took a look at all the spy apps available on the internet to pick 5 best mobile tracker spy apps. However, all the apps on this list are not free and are premium apps. If you want free spy apps, get Kali Linux and use premium tools.

mSpy – Mobile phone tracker app

mspy app - mobile tracking app

mSpy is a popular mobile tracker app which can monitor devices that you don’t have access to. It is a great security monitoring app that is compatible with almost all devices. The application costs about $40. It is suitable for everyone who wants to monitor devices remotely.

Features of mSpy:

  • Text message monitoring
  • Call monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Whatsapp, Snapchat and other social media monitoring
  • Gps Tracking

Using mSpy, you can track mobile phones with ease and monitor your kids’ activities.

FlexiSpy – Best mobile phone monitoring app for parents

Related image

FlexiSpy is specifically made for parents to monitor their kids moments and relationships. Using this premium app, you can track the GPS location, messages, emails, and their social media activities. This app is well suited for parents. This app costs about $50 and it is worth the money.


Related image

Ispyoo is perfect for businesses that provide official phones to their employees. If you’re a business owner who is unsure about how productively your employees are using your resources, then use this app to monitor their phones. You can track sms, mms, and phone calls at a very cheap price of roughly $23.


Image result for truth spy

TheTruthSpy mobile phone tracker is a cheap phone spy app that is only $17. You can get device details, messages and phone calls of the targeted phone. However, you need access to the device to use this app.

Mobistealth – Best International Mobile tracker app

Image result for mobistealth

Mobistealth mobile phone tracker costs about $79 and is well worth the money. It gives several features that many mobile phone trackers don’t like bookmark history, phone logs, emails etc. It can also help you find your mobile phone when you lose it. What is unique about this app is the satellite tracking feature that gives GPS location logs and real-time GPS tracking.

I hope this tutorial to track a mobile phone location helped you find your lost love and also in learning how to track mobile phones using various techniques.

If you have any issues, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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