December 27, 2017

Opera 50 Gets ‘Crypto-Mining Blocker’ Which is a Great Reason To Try The Web Browser

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has made the people use a Tesla car for mining digital coins to cybercriminals trying to infect our systems with malware hiding in the apps/extensions. We keep coming across new developments each day. A Dutch company even designed a special suit that converts body heat to energy for mining cryptocurrency.


Of all the methods, website crypto jacking has widely spread ever since the emergence of the company ‘Coinhive‘ back in September. Many websites along with the world’s most popular torrent website, ‘The Pirate Bay’ currently uses Coinhive to mine Monero.

Several methods came into existence to block the Cryptocurrency mining in web browsers. However, Opera announced a built-in anti-crypto jacking feature to help solve this problem. It will become the first browser to include an anti crypto jacking feature in its browser. The upcoming stable version of the Opera 50 will be able to prevent websites from using your computer’s CPU power to mine for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and Litcoin. The new feature of Opera Software might compel many Chrome and Mozilla users to install the web browser on their devices.


This new feature labelled as Nocoin, which will be integrated into Opera’s native ad-blocker is currently under development and the users can get this feature right away by installing Opera 50 Beta RC. This ad-blocker is disabled by default, it can be enabled by visiting Settings > Basic and check the Nocoin(Cryptocurrency mining protection) under Recommended lists.


The official release of Opera 50 is set in January 2018. In the meanwhile, you can find the download the beta version of Opera 50 from its blog.

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