April 23, 2022

Out There Dating app launches in Melbourne

The highly anticipated Out There dating app developed by Melbourne-based app development agency, DreamWalk, has finally launched in Melbourne, beginning with a preliminary launch in the vibrant city of St Kilda in the region’s southeast.

iOS coders at DreamWalk spent weeks putting together location information for the app’s St Kilda launch to ensure iPhone users could get the next chapter of their dating life well underway with just a quick trip to the App Store. Out There is available on the Google Play Store for Android users as of the 1st of April as well.

The Out There dating app is set to transform Australia’s dating culture, starting with Melbourne’s own St Kilda. St Kilda residents can enjoy frequenting all their local favorites including the city’s iconic Hotel Esplanade, Botanic Gardens, and dozens of other local St Kilda attractions as they appear as locations in the app.

Here’s what app users can expect when they get ‘Out There’ this social season.

Image: ‘Out There’ co-founder Alexandra Cuthbert (pictured) celebrates the Victorian release of the dating app at a time where Melbournians are definitely rearing to get back ‘out there.

A location-based dating app that still prioritizes compatibility

From bars and clubs to cafes, gyms, and even your local park, all locations on the Out There map are given a compatibility score out of 100 based on your compatibility with other app users who may be there currently or have visited in the recent past. Once you arrive at a location, you can turn on ‘Broadcast mode’ to see if there are any compatible users nearby who want you to come and introduce themselves.

It’s the re-imagining of your traditional offline dating experience with the help of a convenient mobile app that makes the Out There app so unique. The ability to direct app users to locations where they are most likely to meet fellow, like-minded users with which they share a high compatibility rating is likely to revolutionize the idea of the ‘modern meet-cute’, allowing singles to connect ‘IRL’ rather than through a chat bubble for the first time.

Say goodbye to endlessly swiping through dating apps

Despite the app’s streamlined and intuitive design, ‘Out There’ co-founders Alexandra Cuthbert and DreamWalk’s Joe Russell are in agreement that the app will have succeeded if it encourages its users to consult it as little as possible on their next night out.

“Dating apps really haven’t evolved since they first launched, and the overly curated and superficial swiping mechanism has become stale,” says Alexandra.

The tiring swiping mechanism that’s integral to the user experience behind many of the world’s most popular dating apps has also prompted many singles across the globe to rely solely upon snap-second judgments of potential matches as the basis of their online dating experiences. It is precisely these superficial judgments that have inhibited modern singles from opportunities to really connect with people that whom they may very well have plenty in common.

Cuthbert and Russell hope that they’ve done their part in creating a new kind of dating culture where our first impressions don’t have to be limited to how we present ourselves in social media or on dating apps. Instead of swiping endlessly, Out There users can seek out and hold conversations with all of the like-minded people around them, allowing them to feel connected to both the person or people sitting across from them, as well as to the city that they call home.

Rediscover the art of conversation

Alongside encouraging modern singles to participate more in the real world and make the most of their weekends and weeknights, Out There’s co-founders also hope to rediscover a dating scene where people can feel comfortable engaging in deeper conversations with people over coffee or drinks rather than over their screens.

“I missed the old fashion way of dating,” says Cuthbert. “The excitement of someone approaching you in-person and being able to instantly gauge the chemistry between you.”

With Out There, it’s likely that modern Melbournian singles will be able to reconnect with the lost art of conversation once again and enjoy all the sparks that accompany electric chemistry without having to settle for watered-down text messaging alternatives.

With this rediscovery of ‘IRL’ interactions comes another definite plus that modern singles will absolutely consider to be a gamechanger: a rapid decrease in the rates of ‘ghosting’ in their dating experiences. It becomes infinitely harder to ghost somebody who you’ve developed a rapport with, and so it’s likely that more face-to-face interactions will help correct this demoralizing phenomenon and remove it as a depressing fixture of the modern dating scene.

Enjoy intelligent and intuitive compatibility measures

There are lots to say for Out There’s user personality questionnaire and the app’s other compatibility measures as well. Both the questionnaire and the app’s compatibility algorithms have been developed with expert insights from the dating coach and founder of The Boy Detox, Jess Matthews. Matthews considers a variety of factors in Out There’s personality questionnaire, including education, religious affiliations, cultural backgrounds, and political perceptions in ensuring that Out There’s compatibility metrics are as foolproof and high value to the app’s users as possible.

Users will actually be greeted with Out There’s user profile and compatibility questionnaires upon first opening the app, ensuring that the platform can provide accurate compatibility ratings for all nearby locations from the get-go. The questions that make up these preliminary quizzes can also help the app user understand a little more about what they hope to get out of their experience with the Out There app.

With Out There founders continuing to promote the app’s launch across the streets of St Kilda, it’s likely that more and more Melbourne singles will stumble upon the app and embrace the refreshing change of pace that it offers veterans of the online dating arena.

Want to learn more about the Out There dating app? Head to the Out There website for more information or to download the app for yourself. Get ready to get back Out There in a big way for your next night out in Melbourne!

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