November 18, 2022

What is an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer for viewing IG stories? What is best?

How to watch Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing

Nowadays, social media has become the go-to place for interacting with others and sharing instances in our lives. Undoubtedly, Instagram has been one of those all-around social media platforms that allow people to share an unlimited amount of information easily. Provided that you have data, you can surf comfortably and be good to go. Conventionally, when you view stories, the target owners can see. However, with the new and existing anonymous Instagram story viewers, users can visit Instagram and view stories

Anonymously. In this article, we dive into the discussion and explore the 7 top and best app for Instagram viewers that individuals could use to view Instagram stories anonymously and their features.

Why couldn’t users watch IG stories anonymously?

Earlier on, people could not view Instagram stories anonymously because of the Instagram model that Instagram uses for Instagram advertisements. Instagram does not support anonymous story viewing because viewer identity is vital in Instagram’s business and advertisement.

Use an IG Story viewer for PC, Android, and IOS

What is IG  stories viewer?

An Instagram story viewer is a web-based tool that is used by individuals to view other people’s Instagram stories discreetly. Usually, when you visit someone’s Instagram stories, you appear on the list of viewers, and the account owner can see your account name on the list. However, with an anonymous IG viewer, you can peep through people’s stories without necessarily having them find out. These tools are either found online as websites or can be downloaded as applications. Either way, they guarantee your anonymity while delivering flexible browsing and hence are the best Instagram viewers app. However, it is essential to keep in mind that, the tools only work when the account in question is public.

#1 is a web platform that allows individuals to view Instagram stories anonymously. It allows you to view and download content on an account without logging in. The site is easy to navigate and allows you to snoop anonymously when online.


-Anonymous browsing: this feature is the ultimate icing on the cake when it comes to this tool as it is the one that guarantees that you navigate through posts and stories anonymously. You don’t have to worry about being caught snooping as this tool is how to view IG stories anonymously.

-Simple UI:  Another advantageous aspect of the feature is the simplicity of the user interface, which in return allows you to search for accounts very quickly. All you require is to open the website, then type the URL of the Instagram account you want to look into, and voila, you are good to go.

-No registration: it is also convenient as users are not prompted to register using their details.

-You don’t require an Instagram account: you will not be required to have an Instagram account. Thus, you will view Instagram stories without an account

-Different lang versions: you don’t need to worry about the language barrier as there are a plethora of languages to choose from.

-Possibility for downloading Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in different formats – MP4, JPEG: you will not only view, you will also be in a place to download them.

-Fast loading speed: the high browsing speed availed will make the apps really interesting to use.

-100 % free- you will not pay a dime to surf, how cool.

Step-by-step guide: How to view Instagram Accounts anonymously via

  1. Open instastories, then copy the URL o the insta profile that you wish to download.
  2. Paste the URL on the search bar on the section of
  1. Click enter and it will bring you the account that you are looking for, then you can view Instagram posts and stories anonymously
  1. If you wish to download any of the posts and stories anonymously, click on the particular post and it will prompt a download feature which you can click and download it.

#2 is another convenient Instagram story watcher and highlighter which anonymously tracks and views IG stories, highlights, reels, and posts of all Instagram accounts and allows you to view Instagram without them knowing. It usually is free and does not require any login or registration information.


-anonymous browsing: this tool is designed to conceal identity so that nobody would know who viewed the account.

-simple and basic UI: the user interface is exclusively easy to navigate, thus making it easy for people to keep surfing on desktop, android, and iOS.

-No sign-up or login: You do not need to sign in to an account to watch Instagram anonymously

-No need for an Instagram account: You do not need to have an Instagram account to use this tool, as it is a separate website that accesses Instagram through external links.

-Different lang versions: you do not need to worry about a language barrier as the tool provides several languages to choose from and access the IG anonymous

-Possibility for downloading Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in different formats – MP4, JPEG: You do not only view, but you also get to download the stories that you like.

-Fast loading speed- is efficient as the loading speed is high, and you access your accounts fast.

-Free to use: all you need is to open the website, and you are good to go.

Step-by-step guide: How to watch Instagram Accounts anonymously via

  1. Open the website on the internet and copy the URL of the Instagram account.
  2. Paste the URL on the search box and click enter.
  3. The profile of the account you are looking for will appear.
  4. If you wish to download stories, click on them and proceed to the icon named ‘download.’


This is an Instagram story viewer and downloader which allows one to view Instagram stories and posts anonymously without the need to log into an Instagram account. With its simplistic user interface, you can easily search for an Instagram account.


-No Need Instagram Account: It is a separate website where you can log on without an Instagram account.

-Anonymous: Your anonymity is guaranteed on this site.

-Download and Share: it also has a download and share button where you can download anything from the account in question and share it with your circle on IG anonymous.

-Remove content: you can even remove content that you do not like.

-Blog: users can use it to post blog content such as pictures and videos.

-Free to use: This means that you do not have to pay for anything as it is freely accessed.


This is another free platform that allows viewers to view Instagram stories anonymously. It acts as an open account that does not need the user log on details on the Instagram page. It offers free functionality, anonymous viewing, as well as an easy user interface. When you enter the account’s name on the account’s search tab, you access the account in question anonymously.


-100% anonymity: your anonymity as you surf through the stories is guaranteed; hence it is the best Instagram web viewer.

-No account needed: all you need to access Instagram accounts is an internet connection and the web page; hence you can view Instagram stories without an account.

-Loading capability: the platform is efficient as it has a high loading capacity for Android, PC, iOS, and any other operating system; thus is the best app for Instagram viewers.

-Downloading for all devices (Android, IOS, Windows, and MAC): it is compatible with all electronics, thus allowing easy downloading to all devices.

-Free to use: You only need a URL and are good to go.

#5 is an Instagram story viewer that allows an individual to view Instagram stories of accounts anonymously. It is a simple and easy-to-navigate platform that provides options for viewing stories and downloading and saving them to other platforms. In this account, the anonymity of the viewer is guaranteed.


-You do not need to install anything: It is a click-and-go website that you only visit.

-Simple and beautiful: The interface is elegant and easy to navigate.

-Instagram Highlights Viewer Support: it provides a viewer support section that provides advice and support to visitors

-Share the stories in different social networks: the share button on the app enables users to share content with other networks.

-Download and save an amazing story: the download button enables it to download stories.

-View the stories of a user anonymously: it allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously.


Inflact is a multipurpose platform that contains modules used for Instagram activities such as promotions. These tools are altogether useful for influencers, bloggers, and general users. It is slightly different from the rest of the apps because it provides both paid and free services which help you build your audience, communicate with clients, and manage content. If you are looking to adapt your Instagram account for business and marketing, Inflact will come in handy for you.


-See Insta Stories of people who blocked you without them knowing: this special feature allows you to keep tabs on the Insta stories of the people who have blocked you.

-You don’t need to create fake accounts: this is because you can access any account’s account information by just using an external link.

-Inspect a story without installing third-party apps: You don’t need to install other external applications to inspect people’s accounts on Instagram.

-Compatible with all devices: You can use it on android, IOS, as well as PC devices.

-AUTO-SAVE STORY with subscription tariffs: With these affordable tariffs, stories can autosave then you watch them later.

3 profiles – $7 per month

10 profiles – $19 per month

100 profiles – $99 a month

(Private Instagram can’t be added for tracking.)

-Multiple tools- this element is multipurpose. Thus, it provides multiple tools for downloading, editing, promotions, and even hashtag generators.


Storistalker is another web-based platform that provides anonymous viewing of Instagram stories and posts without registration to an Instagram account. It has numerous functions which allow one to download, delete, and restore deleted stories and comments anonymously. The service is free, but you can opt for the more advanced subscription version for IG anonymous.


-Free: No amount is paid to log into the account.

-Anonymous: absolute anonymity is maintained while surfing online.

-Functional: it can be used to share and download so much from the media; hence it is functional.

-Opportunity to view deleted stories, posts, likes, and subscribers: It also has a unique feature that allows one to view and even download all the deleted posts.

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