May 20, 2021

OVHcloud Game Servers: Best Solution for Online Games

Over the last few years, the world has witnessed a whirlwind of activities in the technology world. OVHcloud takes a leading position in offering optimum cloud computing, web hosting, and server expertise for commercial applications in this progression.

Unlike conventional cloud computing, the new version provides overall server control to the user. Thanks to this flexibility, consumers now enjoy personalized operating systems exclusive of shared server’s inconveniences. The epitome of it all is the innovation of Game dedicated servers destined to take the world by storm.

What is a Game Dedicated Server?

Amid an uproar of a digital shift in the market, the gaming industry strives to keep up with the rest. It is through this competitiveness spirit that OVHcloud came up with extraordinary gaming servers. Also termed as the host, game servers act as a reliable basis in online multiplayer games.

Typically, the server allows connected users to keep an accurate description of the game. OVHcloud bare metal range makes this possible through a lag-free gaming experience which enables participants to enjoy playing devoid of stability and performance shortcomings.

Game Servers Main Features

In a competitive industry, dedicated game servers make it less complicated by hosting companies and video games techs. Below are imperative features that set them apart.

  1. Anti-DDoS Protection System
    In recent times, cyberbullying has become quite persistent and a pain in the neck. Fortunately, game servers have an effective anti-DDos Protection System that guarantees game continuity even after a malware attack.
    As a result, it gives surety to your entire infrastructure protection. The good news is that the protection system successfully adapts even to the most recent video games.
  2. Floating Intellectual property (IPs)
    There is no way a budding innovation would thrive without IPS. The main focus of this technology is to protect personal and commercial ideas to allow innovators to reap benefits to the maximum. Dedicated game servers offer immense suppleness in application development with their IPv6 IP block (/64) and IPv4 (/32) pre-configured features.
    For enhanced performance, it is possible to attach a maximum of 256 extra IPs. The main advantage of using a floating IP is that you can alternate services from one data center to another. What’s more, you can quickly swell your international audience through the geo-located IPs. Not to forget the capability to configure multiple IP addresses in your system.
  3. Huge Backup Space
    Undeniably, backup space enhances data management and security to the entire system. For this reason, the 500GB storage comes in handy in amassing loads of configuration files and data. The most outstanding aspect of bare metal and dedicated servers is that you can increase storage capacity if necessary.
  4. Excellent Support
    Without tech support, it can be an anti-hill to handle installation errors and other technical issues. OVHcloud has 24/7 technical support accessible through emails and phones. Reach out to the experts for noteworthy advice on how to install and oversee your services.
  5. Wide Distribution
    Through the OVHcloud control panel, you can automatically set up a couple of operating systems. Some of them include Ubuntu, Window Server, Microsoft SQL, Plesk, Debian, CoreOS, etc. Note that compatibility to these sites varies on the capability of the dedicated server bought.

Benefits of Using Game Servers

Currently servicing more than 1.5 million users, OVHcloud is the ideal platform to realize future open cloud goals. Below are excellent benefits that come along.

  • Attractive Prices

OVHcloud game server’s effectiveness in optimizing configurations is mind-blowing. Most impressive is the Starter range with offer cheap vps solutions. Rest assured that you will get high-caliber software and hardware power at the best price possible.

  • Fast and Resilient

OVHcloud server hosting offers a whole load of comprehensive solutions. Some of them include anti-virus protection and water cooling options to preserve energy. Amazingly the installation process takes less than two minutes in all datacenters globally. As a result, you enjoy stable, secure, and ongoing services.

  • High Scalability

Any business needs to operate on a dependable technical platform. Since OVHcloud interlock servers with other significant solutions like Public Cloud, this is the best pedestal to business success.

As tech demands tech keeps on escalating, you have to find a real quick solution to avoid running in losses. OVHcloud servers diligently help organizations to meet their goals in record time. The beauty of it all is the low price and quick OVHcloud installation and high-performance service.

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