January 28, 2022

Pandora Music: An Opportunity For Music Promotion

You just dropped a new song, and now you’re sitting all day in front of your computer waiting for fame to knock at your door. Well, wait no more because there is a better way, a healthier way that won’t need you to break your back sitting at your desk.

Pandora Music Promotion deal will help you to generate streams and grow an audience organically.

Pandora is a major actor in the music streaming industry, with 70 billion thumbs up and downs, generated from over 70 million users. This makes it a great music platform in terms of feedback and listener engagement. However, many artists still ignore Pandora’s potential to connect with existing fans and gain new ones.

You might have heard that Pandora doesn’t upload a track just because it was submitted to them, it has to go through a review beforehand. A team of professional reviewers makes sure it meets the quality requirements of their audience, making it worth submitting to as you could reach a wider audience, but also get royalties from Sound Exchange if you’re accepted. Thus making submitting music to Pandora more unique and exclusive than the other platforms.

This team of professional musicologists developed the Music Genome Project, a complex algorithm based on 450 attributes found in songs, that helps analyze, categorize, and accept or reject a track. There is no need for fear of rejection here, if your track doesn’t get accepted by the reviewers, it might be a great opportunity to work on production or any other aspect of your track that might help improve your music.

What can Pandora bring you?

The mystery of this platform is that it has a respectable audience, but not so many musicians are amongst the 70 million users. This alone constitutes an opportunity to shine and thrive in that community, as with few competitors and more quality-driven music you can reach higher levels of production, distribution, and connection with your audience.

You might be asking yourself if Pandora can’t in some other way be used without any promotion, and therefore become popular in a natural way. The answer is yes, but it would take an enormous amount of time, whereas with our promotions it is a matter of days before you start seeing organic growth in your audience.

The challenging situation for every artist today is the audience’s short attention span. Social media aspects like Snapchat and Instagram reels have rendered the audience intolerant to more than fifteen-second of content before they scroll to something else. One could only imagine the amount of time you would need to spend working on catching their attention. Except if you use the Pandora promotion deals we offer.

Another excellent aspect of this platform is its great algorithm. Before we heard of it in the mainstream media, Pandora was the Music Genome Project. An algorithm that classifies individual songs by musical traits, and provides them accurately to the right listeners in the form of stations. This algorithm is still used now, and it is what will guarantee your music will reach the appropriate audience and will therefore be enjoyed.

Pandora, and the Music Genome Project that powers it, is completely blind to popularity, therefore giving everyone a chance to be played in a playlist tailored for an accurate audience. On top of all that you get access to the Pandora AMP tool, an innovative way to connect and build relationships with your fans.

Pandora playlists for your success

In an attempt to level up with competition like the famous Spotify’s Discover Weekly, Pandora music has worked very hard on features that offer a more personalized listening experience. They developed a feature exclusive to their premium users which allows them to create personalized stations using the Music Genome Project, and share them on social media.

Programs in Pandora can either be formatted into playlists or mixtapes. Mixtapes are essential to the discovery aspect of this platform, as they function exactly like radio stations. Tracks are invisible and played in shuffle mode. They work in a specific way that allows discovering new and upcoming artists easily: They need to have at least 80 tracks from at least 16 different albums from at least 10 different artists, and that creates so many opportunities for you as an upcoming artist to be seen in one of them. Another great aspect of Pandora is that even non-paying subscribers can listen to those mixtapes after watching an ad, making the community very accessible.

Creators can develop their program while adding appropriate tags to increase their discoverability, and organize the tracklist around their Voice Tracks. However, listeners still have the option to listen in shuffle mode and voice tracks won’t be visible.

Get closer to your audience with Pandora AMP

Pandora has a series of tools put at the artist’s disposition to help him better communicate with fans, innovate in promotion, and offer him different ways to make money from his art. These tools are all gathered under the name Pandora Artist Marketing Platform (AMP), a key feature of this platform.

It is very important to claim your AMP profile at least 2 months before your next release, as the process might take some time. Once you have claimed your AMP profile, the time has come for you to start designing your promotion campaigns.

The interesting dynamic about this marketing feature is that it has specific tools to engage with the existing audience and develop a deeper connection, and other tools to reach new potential fans.

Whether you’re about to release a single, an EP, a full album, or a live show, Pandora AMP will get your message across in an authentic way. Your audience will instantly connect with you and give you feedback on your promotion.

Here are the tools provided by the AMP feature:

  • AAM Artist Audio Messages: Voice-overs that you can play at the very beginning or end of a track. Carrying a message to your audience through their listening experience is a powerful tool to make them feel closer to you.
  • AMP Cast: Same as AAM, only with this tool you can upload messages directly from your phone without the need for a predefined file.
  • Featured tracks: This allows you to mark your favorite release as “Featured”. Pandora will then make sure it gets 90% more streams for the next 8 weeks, and that the accurate audience is met with that track.
  • Pandora stories: This allows you to share stories through curating playlists and mixtapes from Pandora’s extensive catalog.

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