June 4, 2021

Parcel Monkey Review: What You Need to Know About This Courier Service

Shipping and delivering various items anywhere and everywhere has become a necessity, especially since the age of technology has allowed us to communicate with people from all over the world. If you’re running a business or you just want to send something to a friend or loved one, using a courier service is the way to go if you want the item to reach the other side. There are countless courier services out there, with highly-renowned ones like UPS and USPS. However, if you’re looking for cheap options, one courier service stands out: Parcel Monkey.

Overview of Parcel Monkey

Founded in 2010, Parcel Monkey had its beginnings in the United Kingdom. Since its inception, the company has continued to grow and thrive, now becoming one of the most trusted shipping services. Whether you’re a veteran at shipping or you’re new to this kind of service, Parcel Monkey can happily assist you every step of the way—ensuring that your parcel gets where it needs to go. Parcel Monkey doesn’t just deal with domestic shipping, you can also ship to international friends or customers.

Why Is Parcel Monkey so Affordable?

Parcel Monkey prides itself in its affordable rates, but how can this courier service be so affordable? According to Parcel Monkey’s official website, the company has created strong and longstanding relationships with many shipping companies. Since Parcel Monkey helps out a high number of customers with their shipments, this means the company gains access to reduced rates.

Domestic Shipping

The United States is massive, so you’ll need to use a courier service if you want to send packages to other states. Of course, the cost of shipping will depend on how big or small the parcel is as well as where you want to send it to. With Parcel Moneky, though, you can find the cheapest shipping quotes possible. That being said, here’s a list of the most common domestic shipping services available:

  • US overnight shipping
  • US ground shipping
  • USPS shipping services

Bulk Shipping

Parcel Monkey also has a Bulk Shipping tool you can use if you have several shipments you want to send. This can help you save precious time, as Parcel Monkey will be able to give you a rate for all your different packages simultaneously. In other words, you don’t need to input the packages’ details one by one. This is perfect for online sellers or small to medium businesses that need to send out multiple packages to different places.

International Shipping

If you’re looking to ship a package internationally, Parcel Monkey has a shipping calculator you can use to find the most affordable deals possible. As for the shipping times, this can vary depending on where your package is meant to go. If the destination is quite far from your location, you shouldn’t expect the package to arrive right away. But if you’re only shopping to a neighboring country, then your package may arrive quickly, perhaps the next business day.


Shipping services can get really pricey depending on the size of the package and where you’re sending it to, so it helps that there’s a service like Parcel Monkey that offers and helps you find the cheapest deals around. Parcel Monkey is a wonderful solution if you’re looking to save more when sending packages or parcels to another person. Given the many positive Parcel Monkey reviews, it’s clear that customers are happy with the service, too.

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