January 28, 2016

Passport first and Verification Next – Thanks to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj – Here’s How to Apply

I do understand it a hectic process to get Passport in our country, but no more. The long lines, long waits and rejection for not having a single certificate even though you have all others, is a very painful task. I am also a victim of the same. But, here’s a good news for all the people who are applying for Passport for the first time. The process has been tweaked to make it quick and hassle free.

Thanks to our External Affairs Minister – Sushma Swaraj for taking this initiative.

Sushma Swaraj tweeted, “If you submit an application with copies of Aadhar, Voter ID and PAN Card with an affidavit of no criminal case, we will issue the Passport. The police verification will be done later. You can choose any appointment date from the earliest five available dates for Passport related services.”

Follow the below steps to get your Passport:

This is to expedite the process however the applicants needs Aadhaar, Voter ID and PAN Card. Annexure-I which lays out the format of the affidavit declaring “no criminal record” of the applicant, will be processed on Post-Police Verification basis, subject to successful online validation of Aadhaar number.

Post police verification needs to be done after the applicant has acquired the new passport, it has been streamlined with the launch of “mPassport Police App” for speedy submission of Police Verification (PV) report.

As per the press release “The app would facilitate the field level verification officers to directly capture the PV report into the system digitally. With launch of this app, the need to download and print the physical Personal Particulars Form and questionnaire would no longer be required, resulting in paperless end-to-end digital flow of the PV process.” The new app will reduce the police verification process to 21 days.

“Accordingly, a custom mobile application (mPassport Police App) has been proposed for Thana and Field Verification processing teams in order to improve the overall PVR processing cycle time. The app is available for download to the Police Station users who are already accessing the PSP Police (Web) Application for the purpose of Police Verification processing of the Passport Services applicants for recording the inputs of field verification processing done at the applicant’s address,” quoted the passport India website.

Do let us know what do you think about the government take on this initiative in your comments below.

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