February 17, 2020

Philips Universal Remote Codes — (Comprehensive Guide)

Philips Universal Remote is a useful device that you can program to work on nearly any television, Blu-Ray device, DVD player, set-top box, or cable box of your choice. Each Philips Universal Remote model comes with its own setup process, but they all have the same function. When using one, you have to hold down the device button until a light starts blinking, enter the code for your device’s brand, and then check the buttons. This is for you to see if they work.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make here is by using a code that’s supported by different equipment. So if you end up making this error, then don’t worry too much. You can always try doing it again by using a code for similar brands. Also, you can program your video and audio devices through Philips Universal remote’s set of codes.

Programming it is easy and straightforward. They can also let you control your audio devices, TV, and SAT boxes with a unique Philips Universal Remote code. If your remote code happens to have a code search feature, then there are many simple step-by-step guides on how to program a Philips Universal Remote with Code Search Button.

Cable Box Philips Remote Codes

Your Philips universal remote can be programmed to control various cable boxes. This can go from cable providers, such as Time Warner and Comcast. Feel free to program your universal remote by pressing down and holding the Setup button until the remote light starts blinking red and stays on.

The next step is to press down the Cbl button on the remote, then place in the code for your cable box. Both Comcast and AT&T cable boxes are known to use the following codes: 0752 and 0954. Meanwhile, Motorola’s cable boxes use these codes: 0552, 0148, 0453, 0952, 0654, 0754, and 0048. On the other hand, Time Warner’s boxes use the code 0252, and GE’s cable box supports the 0556 code.

After you enter the code of your choice, press the “Channel Up” or “Channel Down” button. This is for you to change the channel found on the box. If your channel does end up changing, then this means you have successfully programmed the remote. However, if it doesn’t work, then all you need to do is to just repeat the process and try out other codes to activate it.

Satellite Box Philips Remote Codes

Your Philips universal remote can also control a satellite box after you program it. Just press down and hold the Setup button found on the remote, until, once again, the red light comes on. Then, press down the Sat button on the top side of the remote. Type in a remote code for the satellite box.

Meanwhile, DIRECTV’s cable boxes utilize an assortment of Philips remote codes. These include the following: 0864, 0863, 0564, 0963, 0259, 0260, 0664, 0065, 0265, 0465, 0362, and 0563. On the other hand, its Dish Network boxes use these codes: 0464, 0167, 0366, 0862, 0067, 0067, 0460, 0560, and 0660.

Motorola’s satellite boxes use two codes: 0466 and 0463. Hughes Network’s satellite box uses these codes: 0864, 0763, 0765, 0465, 0564, 0362, and 0659.

The next step is to also press the “Channel Up” or “Channel Down” button, so you can attempt to change the channels after you finish programming the remote. If your channel refuses to change, then try out one of the other codes for the box. Or you can visit the official Philips universal remote website to go and search for the other codes for the remote, just in case none of the codes listed above work.

How to Program Philips Universal Remote

  • Switch on the device that you want to program the remote for. This could be a TV, cable box, VCR, etc.;
  • Press and release the Function Key. Again, this should work on TVs, cable boxes, VCRs, or AUXs;
  • Next, press and hold down the Setup button, until the function key begins to blink twice;
  • Enter the 4-digit number code for the device of your choice; and
  • Aim the remote control at the device, and then click on the Power button. The device should now switch off.

If the device doesn’t do anything, then repeat the first 5 steps. Look for the code on the manual or official website if it still refuses to work.


Philips Universal Remote Codes Tips

As mentioned, a Philips Universal Remote can be programmed to control a lot of satellite boxes, cable boxes, and branded TVs through using a specific code meant for that brand. In case you lost the list of codes for Philips Universal Remote, then you’re still free to activate and program the remote by trying the codes here, or taking a look at the official Philips Website.

Before doing so, check to see if your Philips Universal Remote is compatible with your device. You can synchronize it with plenty of DVD players, Blu-ray players, televisions, and cable boxes. Even though lots of major brands in the market today are quite compatible with each other, there are still some brands that won’t work no matter how much you try. In this case, you need to look at its manual or go online so you can see if the remote works nicely with your device.

A universal remote usually wipes away its memory settings after you sync it together with at least 3 devices. Think about purchasing 2 of these remotes if you have to use them for more than 3 devices.

The list of compatible brands with the remote will be included in its instruction manual. Another list with its respective codes will be written down in the back of the manual.


Philips is a company that continues to produce high-quality universal remotes for the past several decades. A few of these universal remotes come with their own range of separate codes and instructions. You’re advised to read its instruction manual before starting the setup process. This is for you to distinguish your remote from other models.

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