September 16, 2015

Picpal App: How to Take Joint Selfies Regardless of Location Barriers

Selfies have become a very common in the current trendy and fashionable world. Youth in the modern generation is highly interested in taking selfies with their beloved buddies and family members. As the usage of smartphone is been increasing day-by-day, the rage for taking selfies is also growing among the youth who are accustomed to the trendy life. It has become very common among the current young generation that whenever they are free, they start taking selfies. Is it possible to take a selfie with all your friends even if no one is around you? It may not be possible earlier. Now, it is possible to take a selfie with your favorite ones at any point of time regardless of location and no matter how far they are from you.

Picpal App - Take Joint Selfies

Well, here is a new app that has been launched for the selfie-adorers to take joint selfies regardless of location barriers and distance. Your friends no longer have to be with you to take joint selfies as Picpal is now available that brings all your friend’s selfies together and blends it as a single real-time selfie. Picpal App has been officially launched by a Texas-based company MyndBee, which is co-founded by an Indian-American Mahesh Rajagopalan today for iOS and Android users. It is now possible to take joint selfies with Picpal app by bringing together all your friends at the same time so as to create a selfie collage no matter where you are present in the world. Here is a detailed description on how to take ioint selfies using Picpal App on your iOS and Android devices. Have a look!

How to take Joint Selfies using Picpal App

Picpal app is a first app that lets you take joint selfies with your friends and beloved companions no matter how far they are and regardless of location barriers. Even they stay far away from you, you can have a joint selfie picture as if you both are at the same place. Want to know how is it possible? Then, take a look at this step-by-step process on how to take joint selfies with the newly launched Picpal app.

  • Initially, download and install Picpal app on your Android and iOS devices.
  • After installing Picpal app on your smart device, click on start button to invite your friends.
  • You can invite up to three friends to take joint selfies along with you.
  • The person whom you have invited will have 15 minutes of time to respond to your Picpal request and send across their selfies to you.

Picpal app- add text to your selfies

  • If your friend responds to your request and have taken selfies along with you within a given time frame, then all the selfies will be compiled into a single collage by this app.
  • You can also retake or edit them using the in-built tools present within the Picpal app. Text can be added over the joint selfies.

Picpal App - Retake and add effects to Joint Selfies

  • All the compiled selfies will appear in your Picpal gallery and you can then share the joint selfie collage within the app or on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Picpal app - Share Joint Selfies on Social media

  • You can invite your friends via Facebook or by sending a text message so that your friends will respond to your Picpal request.
  • After taking a joint selfie, you can compile it as a joint collage which can be then shared within the Picpal app or other social sites where your friends can like and comment on it.
  • In case, if your friends don’t respond to your Picpal request within a given time frame, then the collage will get expired.
  • Once all the selected friends download Picpal, the original user will have a chance to invite them to one or more collage projects. The initial user takes a selfie and the invited contacts have one day to respond with their own.

Picpal is the first app that combines social media, real-time collages and selfies into a single app. This app is the unique app that takes social sharing into the realm of social content creation. It brings selfies that may appear ineffective at first to become artistic photos and collages so that you can enjoy looking at them in the future as real-time photos. However, this app totally depends on your friends response within an allotted time frame after sending a Picpal request or else the collage expires. Picpal app is currently available for free on iOS and Android devices and you can download it via iTunes and Google Play Store. Hope this detailed description guides you in the best way to take joint selfies with your beloved ones who stay far away and makes you near using this Picpal app.

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