August 30, 2021

POSTOPLAN – An Irreplaceable Partner in SMM

POSTOPLAN is a marketing automation service for social networks and messengers, created using artificial intelligence. It appeared on the market in 2020 and has already gained popularity among more than 100 thousand specialists and companies from 147 countries!

What are the features of the service?

The POSTOPLAN interface provides complex project management possibilities:

  1. Create a content plan;
  2. Plan the publication time;
  3. Prepare images for posts in a multifunctional photo editor and select new photos from the POSTOPLAN library of more than 2 million thematic graphics;
  4. Control the correct display of the post on each social platform using the preview section;
  5. Add an unlimited number of accounts on popular platforms: Facebook (groups and business pages), Twitter, Telegram (groups and channels), Slack, WordPress, Google My Business, LinkedIn (personal profiles and companies), Instagram (feed and stories), and WhatsApp (groups).

POSTOPLAN combines many functions. All tasks can be completed on a single platform, without requiring additional resources.

55% of POSTOPLAN users noticed an increase in their reach and audience right from the first months of working with the service.

Tools for professionals

After opting for the paid PRO plan (only $19 per month), users are able to access all the necessary tools to conduct business professionally via social media:

  1. Analysis of publication statistics;
  2. Schedule publications an unlimited time in advance;
  3. Create posts with gifs, videos, and multiple photos;
  4. Work on planning and creating publications together with your team (more advanced functionality for working on a project with colleagues is available on the AGENCY tariff plan);
  5. Reply to comments and posts on all Facebook business pages from a single interface;
  6. Use of the mobile application;
  7. The ability to work with LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp (the AGENCY tariff allows you to connect an unlimited number of accounts on these platforms);… and many other useful functions for effective SMM.

In addition, as of 2021, POSTOPLAN is the only one among similar services that support posting on WhatsApp.

Why choose POSTOPLAN auto-posting services

There are many services on the market that offer different SMM functions. POSTOPLAN has taken all the best of them and added more:

  1. The cost of the minimum tariff plan is only $19 per month.
  1. The basic functionality of the service can always be used free of charge and without time limits. And for paid plans, a 7-day trial period is available, which you can use without having to enter payment details.
  2. Support for posting in Telegram and WhatsApp messengers.
  3. An unlimited number of accounts and published posts.
  4. Social Inbox – consolidation of messages and comments on your Facebook business pages allows for quick responses to subscribers and customers from a single user-friendly interface.
  5. Round-the-clock support – the POSTOPLAN support service is available 24/7.
  6. The interface theme can be changed to suit your preferences. The service offers 9 ready-made interface themes to choose from.
  7. The affiliate program, through which each user can earn money just by recommending the service to friends/colleagues/acquaintances.

Register for the POSTOPLAN service and enjoy its benefits right now!

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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