January 15, 2018

Qtum Foundation, Chronicled, and Trusted IoT Alliance Collaborate to Strengthen Connected Device Security

The Qtum Foundation and Chronicled are now teaming up to combine the IoT with Blockchain technology, in order to develop real-world use cases integrating smart devices with a securely distributed ledger backend and hence gain further insight.


The initiative will take place in collaboration with researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. Through this collaboration, Qtum and Chronicled will work together with The Trusted IoT Alliance to define and support a roadmap of fundamental research, so as to strengthen connected device security using blockchain technology.

“The partnership with Chronicled and UC Berkeley represents the frontier of innovation in IoT, smart contracts, and privacy for enterprise applications,” said Patrick Dai, founder of the Qtum Foundation. He added, “Blockchain technology presents an unparalleled opportunity to have connected devices operate securely and autonomously while communicating and transacting with one another.”

The researchers are currently focusing on using applied cryptography to develop solutions for identity, ownership, and provenance validation as well as other use cases at the intersection of blockchain and IoT.

“We see a future where trusted device provisioning, authentication, data logs, and payments are just around the corner,” said Maurizio Greco, CTO, Chronicled.

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