April 1, 2022

Things You Should Know Before You Start 3D Printing

3D printing is a manufacturing process whereby you create three-dimensional objects using a digital file. 3D printed objects are created using the additive process, and it assists you in creating complex designs using less material than other methods. 

3D printing is simple but complicated if you lack the technology basics. Below we discuss the top things you should know before 3D printing and where to get the best 3d printing quotes

1. PLA Is the Best Material

The PLA is the most famous 3D printing material since it is cheap, versatile, and easy to handle. Remember, PLA is the second most used bioplastic globally, and its versatility means it works with almost all printers. 

The best thing about PLA is that it is made using a renewable source produced easily via fermentation and is biodegradable. PLA is among the safest materials used in 3D printing, and it does not emit many particles like other materials. 

PLA can be made to last for months or years and is an odorless, non-toxic material used in most manufactured products. PLA is mainly applied when designing computers, phone casings, and medical implants. 

It is suitable for printing since it has a low melting point and is expected to become cheaper. On the other hand, CNC machining uses subtractive methods to create cnc machined parts.

2. Know Your 3D Printer 

An excellent rule of thumb in 3D printing is to know its basic foundation and structure. These printers need particular upkeep and maintenance tips like lubricating rods and repairing damaged nozzles. 

A typical nozzle can last four to six months with heavy use or up to four years if not used often. It is advisable to update and maintain your printer with time to prolong its lifespan. You will also discover new hobbies and passions outside 3D printing with general knowledge. 

3D printing spreads to other fields like aviation, automotive, and others. 

3. An Excellent Print Bed Makes a Huge Difference 

Things are not always straightforward in 3D printing, and hobbyists face many challenges when designing. Many issues cause these problems, and the printing bed can be among them. Using a good print bed plays a huge role since it gives your print layer a robust foundation to oversee the entire process. 

Print beds are made using plastic, glass or aluminum. Remember, you will encounter issues like layer adhesion by using low-quality print beds. Glass is the common option used since it allows you to eliminate prints after, leaving a fine print finish. 

4. You Will Need Certain Tools 

You must have the following tools to print 3D items successfully;

  • Adhesive materials like glue and masking tapes
  • A spatula or knife
  • Filament containers
  • Tweezers. 

These are among the basic tools that come in hand when 3D printing. These tools will make printing easier and more accurate.

Final Thoughts 

3D printing has become a norm today due to its many advantages. It is applied in different industries, and the above article has discussed the top factors you should consider before you try it. 

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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