April 8, 2020

Real Followers on Twitter: How to get more?

In 2020 Twitter is still one of the most popular social platforms. It’s laconic, quick and simple to use. Have a good thought on your mind? Just tweet it!

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter built up a strong community with the main course set for the power of the mind.

Twitter is regarded as a microblogging service. It was created under the inspiration of casual SMS and is based on the same principle of limited characters – 140 at first, and later this limit updated to 280.

Although it may seem simple, to become a popular person on Twitter is still a good piece of work. Twitter is based on following each other. So the first thing to work on is to increase the number of your subscribers. That can be done in a few ways.


Twitter users see their newsfeed with a bit of randomness. The algorithm is simple – the more tweets you make and the more people you follow, the more people will see your posts and would like or repost them. As the original post spreads, users are most likely to follow the original author. To speed up this process, it would be ok to use some paid services. Some people believe that using those is cheating, and gives nothing more than just a bunch of “dead” accounts. It could be true in case one is not careful when choosing a service to use.

But if you pay enough attention to the subject, you can improve your account.

Hint: For starters, don’t try to jump too far, and for example, go for 100 followers to buy. That will enhance the number of real subscribers in a subtle, yet effective way. That is a completely normal way to help your tweets spread faster. After all, how else can you become famous, if people won’t be seeing your posts?


Twitter is one of the most effective social media tools for communication. The number of likes is not as important as the number of answers to your tweet. Explore your niche, address your followers with different questions, polls and interactive games. In other words, the account has to be thematic. Don’t forget to add two or three corresponding hashtags.

Also, Twitter can and should be used to share the news. In the U.S., people are most likely to use Twitter for quick updates on situations in the world or nearby. Knowing that you must make sure that all the information in your posts is relevant and important to your followers.


It cannot be stressed enough, how important it is not just to increase, but to keep the number of your loyal followers. On Twitter, your goal should be to create a community of like-minded people. Keep up the activity within the blog and always think outside the box. Add different types of connection with your subscribers:

  • Plan interesting and controversial topics to discuss
  • Launch some kind of special hashtag
  • Keep in touch with most active followers
  • Run popular contests and challenges
  • Use profiles on other social platforms like Instagram or Facebook to create a variety of posts and attract viewers


As mentioned above, on Twitter to follow other users is highly important. This works like word of mouth. To improve the income of new subscribers and retweets, get in touch with popular users. But don’t just retweet their posts. Join their discussions, tag them, start sharing experience. You should not be afraid to express your opinion, because that is what Twitter was made for.


Images are vital for any social platform, and Twitter is not an exception. Although it is about texting, image- and video-representation of your tweets would be useful for gaining and keeping followers. Adding a thematic picture to the post will certainly bring much more attention to potential subscribers. Watching videos and discussing photos is what people on social platforms enjoy to do the most.

Anything that you can create by yourself, whether it’s an art or majestic video editing, has to be posted and offered for discussion with your followers.  By posting your works, you also show them that you are open to communicating. On Twitter that can be a good card to play.


This advice is kinda simple. But it has to be more highlighted because there are a good lot of things that annoy users on Twitter. To avoid that, just remember a few things:

  • Always be yourself
  • Don’t tweet about food (we already have Instagram for that!)
  • Don’t beg for retweets or likes
  • Insulting someone on Twitter is lame
  • Don’t try to embrace everything at once.
  • Before posting a joke, make sure it is appropriate to the audience.
  • Do not overload the newsfeed with reposts
  • If you want to post any link, write a small description about it

This list could get much longer, but the main thing to keep in mind is that everything is individual and depends on your style and target audience.


Posting tweets about the latest trends helps to attract new followers. That means that you have to dilute your feed with occasional trending posts that are not connected to the main topic of your blog. To create a discussion and engage more viewers, don’t forget to add a bit of your opinion on the topic. That’s where you have to navigate carefully and be objective. Again, do not insult people or demonstrate aggression. Remember, that tweeting about controversial themes can get you not only followers but haters as well. Sometimes it makes a good move, but in general, it only spoils everyone’s mood.


Twitter has not too many tools to share in your profile information. Basically you can upload two pictures – one is for the profile picture and the second is for the header (that one is shown when people look through your profile). Also, it allows you to add a little note about yourself, your birth date, website, and location.

Not much, huh?

Still, that is one of the big clues for popular bloggers. The header must be relevant to the theme of your account or it can represent your social position and views. Your profile picture has to be your actual photo, it attracts people more. Don’t use your brand logo (personification of brands id really annoying too!).

Make your bio informative, brief and a little witty. Making viewers laugh at the first look on your profile will definitely be a plus.


Above we have some effective and common tips about how to gain more followers on Twitter. But remember, that all those are individual for every blog and choose your strategy wisely!

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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