July 25, 2020

Best Manga Communities – Reddit Manga Secures The Top Spot

Are you a Manga lover? If yes, drop everything that you are doing, and let’s have some Manga discussion!

You might already know that Manga is a Japanese word that means comic books. It refers to the amazing Japanese graphic novels that hook you to them from the first look. Most people usually ask Manga lovers about why they find Manga so fascinating or reasons to read Manga. Well, the next time someone asks you, here’s what you can tell them:

To be a Manga lover, you do not need to have a specific taste or interest, and if if you do, you will always find a Manga according to your likes. It means that there is something for everyone. From romance to crime to horror and action, there is a wide variety in terms of niche.

When it comes to the art style, Manga features a unique art style. The characters have sparkly eyes, elongated features, and the modern manga has shifted from its classic style to a more modern and daring one. It is different from what you see in western comics. But the important thing is that their exaggerated features reflect emotions and make them easier to read.

Most of the series are pretty short, and they wrap up quickly. Manga artists have strict deadlines and are often hospitalized for stress-related health issues, ulcers, etc. That is because they have a tight schedule to produce mangas. Mangas are quick reads as compared to American comics, and most of them are released in a format of a graphic novel rather than single individual issues.

It’s never a loss to make yourself familiar with another culture, is it? Well, Manga offers a lot of in-depth insight into the eastern culture. It reflects some of the most basics values and traditions, such as taking off the shoes at the door and putting a pair of sandals, the way in which food is served, and so much more. It even depicts gender roles. To be precise, there are so many things to notice while reading Manga. It can teach you a lot. You can adopt the values that you like the most. After all, you will only improve yourself as a person.

Also, did you know that every time a child reads or rereads manga, they find something new? Well, now, you know. The speech patterns and words make a brand new and even a better sense, then they did in the previous read. The meaning becomes clearer, and it becomes easier to comprehend the story a little more than before. That is why Manga and anime are declared good study tools for kids in Japan.

Manga resembles the comic books that you find in the west. If you are a comic book fan, you will love reading manga. The fantastic artwork and engaging content keep you invested. Even if it feels like a huge shift, why not give it a try?

Best Manga Communities

Now that you know what manga is, you may be interested to know where can you get to know about it more. Well, consider yourself lucky because there ar numerous manga communities you can visit and enjoy! Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones.


Reddit manga community never fails to stun. The manga community on Reddit is HUGE. From art styles to storylines and characters, everything is worth discussing here. You will always have someone who shares the same interests as you. People here preach mangas.

One Manga Forums

It is a small community where you will find dedicated contributors to discuss a good range of mangas. Initially, One Manga Forums used to have an online manga reader, but it was removed after being into a lawsuit for removal as it became exceptionally popular.

My Anime List

This is one of the popular listing sites. Here you can keep a note of all chapters that you have last read. This is very helpful when you are reading multiple series at the same time. It features a large community of manga readers who are filling the forum with loads of discussion topics. You can find all sorts of information, details, and reviews on even far less popular manga series.

Anime Suki

Manga lovers should know where to go when it comes to discussing the thing they love. Anime Suki is one of the best places for manga fans! It has a large manga readers/lovers community that engages in all types of manga discussions. It is an active community, but you will have to save yourself from spoilers here. However, the site usually has more focus on Animes than it has on Mangas, but change is inevitable!

Anime News Network

Need Manga recommendations? Anime News Network is at your service. Contributors share their reviews, feedback, and recommendations for people who are new to the manga readers community. You can find a lot of help here if you are trying to get the most out of your manga reading experience.

Push Square

This is yet another place to be at if you are a manga lover. Manga lovers are everywhere, who build a community at every forum. Push Square is another example of what manga obsession looks like. Do you want news, reviews, or just a small discussion? Push Square is waiting for you!

Goldlilys Media Forum

Goldlilys Media Forum is a large community of all types of manga discussions. From general manga discussions to future manga uploads and reuploads, you will find anything and everything!


Mangas have earned their place in peoples’ hearts through their unique art and storytelling style. They have gained more popularity in recent years, and more people are joining online manga communities to contribute and share their opinions. If you are a manga lover, you probably know what this hype is all about. If not, give it a try and see for yourself.

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