June 17, 2022

Roisea Review For 2022: Key Findings

If you were searching for a broker that would be able to trade cryptocurrencies, then most likely, you have heard of Roisea. Just for this reason, we decided to write a detailed review of the rather popular Roisea platform and explore the main aspects of this company.

In this guide, we will analyze BirStarMarkets’ fees, features, and reviews – we will talk about what BirStarMarkets is all about, the company’s origins, and possibilities.

Roisea and Cryptocurrencies

Let’s be honest – you’re looking for BirStarMarkets reviews because of the ability to trade cryptocurrencies on the platform, right?

BirStarMarkets became one of the first brokerages to offer users the ability to trade cryptocurrencies. Not only that, they provide CFD-based crypto trading.

Cryptocurrency rates are the most unpredictable in the world, making this type of trading quite profitable for the client. Still, BirStarMarkets has plans to profit from this area of ​​​​trading.

Now it’s safe to say that the BirStarMarkets platform has achieved some success in this – compared to any other crypto broker, they offer users the widest range of cryptocurrency trading options (both long-term and short-term).

Implementing the “copy trading” feature was the main way to achieve this. Since its inception, many investors have analyzed cryptocurrencies (especially the most popular ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum). Such investors are usually quite experienced in this business and are looking for the most suitable time to invest.

Roisea Commissions and Fees

Pricing can confuse crypto exchanges, particularly those that cater to beginners, such as Gemini and Coinbase. So it’s refreshing that Roisea lists the commissions—technically “spreads”—it charges when you purchase cryptocurrency. Spreads can differ by coin, and they vary depending on industry conditions.

That said, Roisea uses a pricing model that is more complicated than some of its competitors. Normally, users pay a given spread every time they purchase or sell an asset. However, on Roisea, you pay for the “round trip” upfront. It means you are paying a commission for the eventual selling of the crypto coin in advance and the spread on this purchase.

If you wish to keep your cryptocurrency purchases on the Roisea platform and never move to some other service, this difference might be a matter of semantics. For instance, if you anticipate your crypto purchases to increase in value over the time you hold them, you might pay a smaller selling fee based on a lower market value of your cryptocurrency when you purchase it.

Here is one of the big limitations of Roisea. If you transfer your crypto coins to your wallet, even if it’s a Roisea wallet, you can not move them back onto the Roisea trading platform. So, in this case, you have essentially lost the selling spread fee and would need to pay it again somewhere else, eventually.

Spreads differ from a low of 0.5% for Bitcoin (BTC) to a high of 5.0% for Tezos (XTZ). Do the math, and Roisea’ spread fee on Bitcoin works out to about 0.275% each way. This fee is on the higher end of competing for cryptocurrency exchanges but not too high. However, one can obtain other crypto coins much cheaper elsewhere.

Other Roisea Fees

Roisea doesn’t charge any other account management commissions or trading fees. Besides, there is no cash withdrawal commission, though the service sets a $25 withdrawal minimum.

Users will need to pay a cryptocurrency transfer fee of approximately 0.40%, up to a maximum of $50, when they transfer funds from the Roisea investment app to the Roisea Money wallet, which is required to move crypto coins off the Roisea platform. Based on Roisea industry rates, Crypto-to-crypto conversion fees are 0.1%.

Why Roisea?

Well, now you know more about Roisea in the cryptocurrency field. So then, why should you choose this particular platform? Let’s try to figure it out!

The very first thing is a guarantee of security. Any expert in the market will tell you that safety should come first for crypto brokerage platforms.

Secondly, we should point to a wide range of cryptocurrencies as an advantage. As mentioned earlier, Roisea has the largest number of cryptocurrencies on its platform compared to its rivals.

Other advantages include a simple and convenient user interface, reasonable transaction rates, no hidden fees, and a top-quality website.

However, it is only one side of the coin. Therefore, we have considered only the company’s strengths, which Roisea named themselves. Now, let’s look at the most common complaints and issues reported by Roisea’ testimonials and reviews.

Roisea Reviews

If you were to check Roisea reviews, testimonials, or cryptocurrency-related forums on the internet, you would see that the general opinion about Roisea is quite positive.

However, one of people’s main complaints regarding Roisea is that the customer support department could have done better. There seem to be a lot of issues around the support itself, response times, usefulness, etc.

Another important thing often mentioned regarding Roisea not being up to par is that the platform usually tends to shut down, seemingly without any specific reason. It may simply be due to technical difficulties or server maintenance, but it can still be frustrating for many people.

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