December 28, 2018

Google Search Results Will Reportedly Include Tweets In Real-Time Again Soon

Tech giants Google and micro social blogging platform facilitator Twitter are believed to be united with a new business deals. The two web behemoths have signed a treat during their latest financial results. Twitter has signed the deal with the search engine behemoth Google to include tweets in the Google search i.e, to make its tweets searchable in the Google search.

Google Search Would Include Tweets Soon

Though, the two companies Google and Twitter have agreed to the memorandum of the understanding between them during the latest business deal signed after the financial results Google web search may include the twitter tweets soon during the middle of 2015. Google web search would be up with the real-time tweets from twitter. Google would be facilitated access to the Twitter’s data ‘fire hose’ again with the new deal which has been signed between them which was enjoyed already by the Google’s search rival Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing.

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Way back in the year 2009 Google and Twitter signed the similar deal while it was not renewed in the year 2011 which led to the breakaway of the understandings. The past agreement between the Google and Twitter left the Google to crawl the Twitter services to index tweet which was a time-consuming process and thus took much time. With new latest agreement between the tech giants Google and Twitter all the tweets would be visible in Google search results immediately after they are tweeted out.

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Google and Twitters reunion would be substantial for few valid reasons while there wasn’t any new deal advertising signed between them as per the official news although it was stated while signing the deal was that Google would pay “data-licensing” revenue to Twitter. During past financial year twitter managed to get gross profits of $16 million to $41 million and wishes to do more with the new agreement signed with Google.

Let me show you a simple example of TS Inter results which show up news sites as well as Twitter cards and you could see a change in displaying the news tab and twitter cards right in the top of the search result.

Google May Drive Itself Into Complications After this Agreement With Twitter

Twitter is speculated to its advertising assess featuring promoted tweets on third party apps and sites which may initially take off with the Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. This makes it clear that Twitter wishes monetize its services to visitors and to pull in non-registered Tweeter users which can be boosted up substantially with the featuring of Tweets in Google search results page. Google’s own social network Google+ or G+ may get itself in complications with new agreement with the twitter as it seems to be positive to Twitter in all aspects.

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Google’s own Google+ social service status and all the updates made on the user’s timeline would get featured in the Google search engine results which used to do well in driving traffic to the websites probably new traffic most of the time thus making more business and commercial benefits for the companies and websites. All we can do is to wish best and get efficient and effective services from both the web titans to its users. Share your views and ideas with us.

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