December 2, 2021

Save Big on Sectionals

A sectional is the perfect seating option for a cozy night in front of the fireplace. Or, it’s just right for that large group of friends you have over to watch the game. With many of us working from home on a laptop, a sectional provides plenty of space to layout documents and files needed for meetings. The uses for a sectional are almost just as endless as the configurations you can customize to fit your space.

Sectionals can be U-shaped, L-shaped, or semi-circular, and deciding which is best for you depends on the placement area and your lifestyle. So get out your tape measure and determine how much room you have and where you want to place the oversized sofa.

If you really want an idea of how the room will feel with the sectional, find some tape that won’t damage your floors once you choose your piece. Then lay the tape down according to the measurements, just where you want the sectional. You’ll then know if it’s blocking any walkways and how easily you can move around the room.

You’ll need to know the room’s traffic pattern, especially if you’re getting an L or U-shaped sectional. The chaise is a long piece that juts out from the rest of the design, so you want to place it on the correct side of the room. If not, you could end up with a chaise that blocks the path to the tv, or is difficult to navigate.

U-shaped sectionals usually have a chaise on both ends. Taller household members may want longer chaises so their feet don’t dangle off the end. If you have enough room to do it, go for it, but keep in mind the room’s traffic pattern.

A semi-circle or curved sectional doesn’t hug the wall and provide that built-in feel you may want. But, if you’re looking for a free-floating design for the seating area, then a curved sectional is the answer to your problem.

Also, how many seats do you need? Modular sectionals provide stand-alone seating for each component, making it simple to configure a design perfect for your room. You can also add in pieces if you see a need and not break up the cohesiveness.

Many of the larger sectionals have individual seating, though you cannot use them as stand-alone pieces. The advantage here is that you can place consoles anywhere. Consoles usually provide cup holders and trays for snacks or remote controls. That makes lounging convenient by keeping what you need within arm’s reach.

Once you decide on placement and shape for the sectional, it’s time to consider the style. Do you want a traditional or modern look? The room the piece is going in has a heavy influence on the style. In a formal space, like the living room, you may want a more traditional sofa. But if the sectional is going to the basement, then a more laid-back casual style is in order. Overall, you want a piece that reflects the mood you want to create.

Color is another way to set the mood. Rich and warm colors give off a cozy vibe, while lighter, cooler colors brighten and liven up the environment. Because sectionals are large, prints and patterns may be too overwhelming for the area and distract from the ambiance. Neutral tones with added pops of color from throw pillows and blankets can add the right amount of flair.

Contemplate mixing textures and tones to incorporate depth and character into the room. Leather and faux-leather materials give the room a polished and sophisticated look. They are also easiest to clean. Spills from adults, children, and pets alike can be wiped away without penetrating the cushion. Keep the furniture polished as well to preserve its appearance.

Fabrics are a great option if you want a variety of colors to choose from. They also make great resting places for those who just want to stretch out after a long day at work. Many of them come pre-treated with stain repellents, so you don’t have to worry about guests doing too much harm after a few drinks.

If you are planning to move in a few short years, then a sectional is a piece that can be configured to fit just about any space. Don’t wait until you move to get the sofa you want; get it now with the confidence that it travels well. You can move this piece into a new home and find a room where it will fit perfectly.

Price is usually a major concern when it comes to buying a new sectional. It’s usually an expensive piece of furniture, but check out the sectional sofa living room price at 1Stop Bedrooms. Here, you’ll notice the low costs, which are guaranteed and price-matched. Locate the same sectional on another website or store, and they will adjust the price of your order.

There are also coupons available on the site, so look and see if any are redeemable for your order. If not, but you still want to make a purchase without breaking the bank, take advantage of one of the financing options. Choose between twelve, twenty-four, and thirty-six-month plans to begin paying for your sectional in small monthly increments. Manage your personal finances wisely and keep your cash available for emergencies.

If that wasn’t enough, you could also get free in-home delivery on your order. That’s right; there is no charge for delivery since 1Stop deals directly with the manufacturer. Browse brand names like Ashley, Coaster, A.R.T, and more. The sale prices are not an indication that the furniture quality is poor. In fact, you can find these same pieces at major retailers with high-mark ups.

And if you find yourself with a ton of questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to one of the design consultants. The specialists are available at no extra charge to all shoppers and will point you in the direction of the sectionals that work best for your home.

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