May 5, 2023

Sexting Tricks for Guys – Arousr Sex Chat Host Anahathor Sharing a Few

Sexting has become an integral part of modern-day relationships. It helps couples stay in touch throughout the day, share their feelings, and even spice things up in the bedroom. However, many guys struggle with texting and communicating effectively with their partners. That’s where Arousr Chat Host Anahathor comes in. With years of experience in providing seamless sexting experiences to couples, she has picked up a few texting tricks that can help guys take their game to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing a few of those tips that can help you elevate your texts and make your partner feel desired and loved.

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Six Tips to Sext Freely

Sending a sext message is one of the most common forms of communication nowadays. Whether you’re talking to a friend, family member, or a special someone, sending a text message is quick, easy, and convenient. If you are in a relationship or just starting to date someone, then you know how important it is to make her feel appreciated. Luckily, there are many texting tactics that you can use to make her feel good and keep your relationship going strong.

1. Make her feel special

The secret to great sexting is to make your partner feel special. It’s not just about sending endless messages. It’s about making every message count. The best way to do this is to personalize your texts. Address her by her name, use endearing terms that make her feel loved, and use situations in your messages that you’ve shared together.

One of the best ways to start someone’s day is by sending them a thoughtful message. Sending her a good morning text message will show her that you are thinking of her first thing in the morning. Your message doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. But make sure to keep it sweet and positive. A simple “Good morning beautiful, hope you have a great day!” will suffice.

2. Be mysterious and amaze her

Being mysterious is an excellent way to keep your partner interested and on their toes. Use your texts to hint at surprises you have planned for them or tease them with inside jokes. Be playful, be creative, and don’t give everything away in one go. Keep them guessing, and they’ll keep wanting more.

Texting is a great way to stay connected, but it shouldn’t be the only way you communicate with your special someone. Use texting to make future plans, whether it’s planning a vacation or just setting up a date night. This will show her that you see her in your future and give her something to look forward to.

3. Use descriptive language

One of the most significant advantages of texting is that you can take your time to craft the perfect message. Use this to your advantage by using descriptive language that evokes emotions and feelings. Instead of saying, “I miss you,” tell her how much you miss the sound of her voice, or how her scent lingers long after she’s gone. Describe your feelings, surroundings, and emotions in intricate detail, and see how much more powerful your messages become.

4. Balance praise and teasing

Texting is all about balance. While praising your partner is essential, it’s also essential to tease them playfully. Use your texts to compliment her on her intelligence, beauty, and humor, but also don’t be afraid to tease her a bit. Teasing her playfully creates tension and lets her know that you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

Everyone loves a good compliment. When you’re texting her, try to take the opportunity to let her know how much you appreciate her. Compliment her on her smile, her style, or just the fact that you enjoy spending time with her. Simple, heartfelt compliments will go a long way.

5. Use plenty of emojis and gifs

Finally, don’t be afraid to use emojis and gifs to express your emotions. While words are powerful, they don’t always capture the nuances of what you’re feeling. Emojis and gifs help add context and emotion to your text and can lighten the mood instantly.

Emojis are not just cute and fun, they can also help you express your emotions. You can use them to convey emotions that are hard to express in words. Sending a heart emoji can show her that you love her, a laugh-cry emoji can express how funny you think she is, and an angel emoji can showcase how much you admire her. So go ahead, use those flirty emojis to spice up your texts.

6. Ask her about her day

When texting your special someone, showing that you care about them and their life is important. Ask her how her day was, what she did, and if she has any upcoming plans. It’s always good to show an interest in her life, this will make her feel more appreciated in the relationship.

Impacts of Sexting

Sexting might seem like a small part of your relationship, but it can have a big impact. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to take your sexting game to the next level and keep your partner interested, engaged, and excited. Remember, personalizing your messages, being mysterious, using descriptive language, balancing praise and teasing, and using emojis, and gifs are all tricks that can help guys master the art of texting.


In conclusion, texting is a great way to connect with your significant other and show them how much you care. Whether you’re sending good morning messages, asking how her day was, or making plans for the future, there are many texting tactics that can make her feel good and appreciated. Remember to be genuine, thoughtful, and express your emotions through your texts. Use emojis to help express yourself, and never forget to show your love and appreciation. By using these texting tactics, you’re sure to keep the relationship strong and your special someone happy.

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