November 22, 2021

Should You Practice with Play Money Before Playing Online with Real Money

Online casinos offer the opportunity to earn money fast. This possibility is the whole appeal of
gambling; the chance to get lucky and win big. You can improve your odds on many popular
casino games if you have some skills, and many gambling websites offer the opportunity to play
with bonus cash or free plays before funding your account. Is it best to practice with play
money? Or should you jump right in with your first wager?

Practice makes perfect

Any beginner knows that it takes practice to get good. Real money casino games offer the
opportunity to win big, but you can significantly improve your odds with some strategy.
Practicing with play money first can provide you with the opportunity to hone your skills before
you have skin in the game. That is to say, you can learn without the risk of losing real money.
Reasons to practice with play money

There are many obvious reasons why it might be smarter to gamble with play money rather
than real money. Here are a few to consider.

You’re bad at cards

If you’re considering taking up Poker or Blackjack, you must learn how to play the game and
play it long enough to become good. Taking the time to learn basic strategies and study the
game will give you a better chance at winning when you decide to ante up real money.

To earn other incentives

Believe it or not, there are other reasons to gamble online other than money. Playing on a free
site (or the free version) sometimes allows you to rack up points and bonuses that can be
translated to real money later on. Many sites even reward you with badges or trophies to work
toward, so you can determine if you’re getting better at the game.

No-risk strategy

Sometimes when it comes to game strategies, you have to try them out to see if they will work.
If you want to learn the basics of reading cards, judging players’ reactions, or making
continuation bets, you can try out these skills on free games. If your strategy fails, it’s no

Softer competition

Real money casino games can be extremely competitive. Tournaments involving play money
have less competition simply because there’s less risk. A certain percentage of them will be
serious players, but many are beginners or don’t care about the outcome.

The softer competition allows you to learn the game and learn how to gauge other players. If you’re
learning a game like a poker, it can also allow you to learn how to bluff. This is not just a helpful
skill in cards but in real life too.

Final Thoughts

Practicing with play money is a great way to learn how to play casino games before putting real
money on the line. It’s fun and risk-free. While playing with real money offers the possibility of
winning, the chances of this happening or small. So, take your time playing for free to build up
your skill level and fund your account when you’re ready.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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