June 8, 2023

Simple Money Saving Hacks for Everyone

Are you thinking about some efficient ways to save money? If yes, then you are here at the right place. We have a list of amazing hacks that will help you save money and spend your money more wisely.

But – before we jump into the list, you will want to understand the importance of having a budget. A budget is mandatory if you want to know where your incoming money is going. You might want to check out JoyWallet, a popular account for building funds.

You will also want to make it a point always to pay yourself before paying your rent and monthly bills. When we refer to paying yourself first, it means that you will be sending a fixed amount every month that will go straight to your savings account, such as 10% of your monthly income.

A budget will allow you to follow a roadmap and better understand your money-spending habits.

Nonetheless, here is a list of money-saving hacks to help you save more money and build a financially-stable future.

Use Your Commute as a Workout

You might want to ditch your car and turn your office commute into a workout. Depending on your office’s distance, you can consider walking, running, or biking to and back home from work. This way, you won’t only be saving money on gas, but you will also be saving money for your gym membership.

Most people who do have gym memberships stop going to the gym after a week. But – if they stick to a routine and show up at the gym – they are more likely to use lightweight, low-intensity equipment, such as the treadmill.

They also do cardio – using the cardio machines, which isn’t worth the money if you can do this by switching your commute from your car to a bicycle or running.

You don’t have to do this every day – if the distance between your office and your home is not that long, you can do this a couple of times a week where you take your running clothes to the office and change into them when your shift is over.

You can put everything into a backpack and run home instead of taking the bus. Not only will this be a way to save money – but – it will also save you time because then you won’t have to make a separate trip to the gym.

Make Mindful Decisions

Of course, you will want to enjoy life by going out and having new experiences. But – there are ways to cut expenses in this area and still have the time of your life. For instance, one tip is to go out only for happy hours.

Most restaurants and bars offer a happy hour menu, typically in the afternoon or evening between four and six o’clock. Often, the things displayed on the menu are the same as their regular menu – but it will be a lot cheaper and have smaller portions.

Nonetheless – there is still nothing wrong with that. Happy Hours allow people to go out to nice restaurants and bars – socialize, hang out with their friends, and not return home after spending a fortune on food and drinks.

Believe us when we tell you that you can immensely benefit from the Happy Hours as you will get to hang out in those nice upscale places and know that you are getting the same experiences for at least half the price.

Going out is also about traveling, and there are hacks for traveling too. For instance, if you are traveling to another country, you will want to ensure that the exchange rate at your destination country is favorable.

Suppose you travel from places where the economy is relatively stronger, such as Europe, the USA, and Canada. In that case, your currency will be strong relative to the local currency, which means your money will go a long way.

When it comes to travel, you might want to opt for budget-friendly places that are beautiful, too, such as Southeast Asia, Vietnam, and Bali. You can travel to these places comfortably, find cheap hotels, and eat well for a fraction of the price.

Make Your Social Life Simple

Socializing costs money, and while you cannot cut out socializing from your life as it is crucial for your mental and emotional well-being, you can certainly aim at simplifying your social life. Trust us – this simple hack can go a long way.

The underlying reason is that the more acquaintances and casual friendships you have – the more invites you get for dinners and birthdays – the more expensive things will get. All sorts of social events will cost you money – whether in the form of cab fare, presents you must buy, or drinks you must spend money on.

The sooner you understand that keeping up with everybody you meet in college or school is not so important – the simpler your life will become. And also, the less stress you will have. Of course, you need friends and relationships, but you will want to ensure those relationships mean something to you.

The more you try to keep up with your college, party, and work friends, the more expensive and exhausting it will become. The best thing you can do is go deeper with a handful of friends instead of having dozens of surface-level friendships with people who wouldn’t help you if you ever needed them.

You will want to list ten people in your life that you want to build a meaningful relationship with. And the next time a casual acquaintance hits you up to go out to the bar or invites you to their birthday party, you will want to decline politely.

The simpler you make your social life, the more benefits you will reap in the long run – not only regarding your wallet – but also your mental health.

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