August 13, 2018

Top 6 Snapchat Hacks and Tricks You Must Know

With millennials and young adults as the primary demographic, Snapchat has become one of the popular social media apps available on the market. Almost everyone has Snapchat installed on your smartphone. Talking about Snapchat, it allows you to share images and videos with your friends. These shared items self-destruct once they have been viewed by the receiver. In the top 6 Snapchat Hacks and Tricks article, we will tell how to make your Snapchat experience better.

Enable Your Personal Emoji Next To Your Buddy’s Name

Top 6 snapchat hacks and tricks you must know - emoji in contact name

There are different emojis available in Snapchat that are displayed next to your friend’s name. For example, a fire or a red heart. Every emoji has a distinct meaning, so depending on your preference, you can choose a certain emoji to reflect your feelings for a certain friend’s name and that will appear beside their username. For instance, you may want to use a red heart for your crush (at least I do anyway). You can easily change these emojis by tapping the icon at the top, near the left corner of your screen. Use Friend Emojis option from Settings>Manage to edit these according to your choice.

Use The Upgraded Drawing Feature

Top 6 snapchat hacks and tricks you must know - snapchat drawing feature

You’d be glad to know that you can even draw in Snapchat using emojis. All you need to do is click on the emoji icon available under the marker icon. It provides you with an option to choose the colour you want to use for drawing. You get access to a wide variety of interesting emojis you can select from. Now use this emoji like a marker to draw or doodle whatever you want. You can use the colour palette and drag the colour bar toward the edges of the screen to select colours not available directly by clicking the marker or pencil icon.

Replay Snap

Top 6 snapchat hacks and tricks you must know - Snapchat Replay Snap

This cool Snapchat feature allows you to replay a particular photo or video shared by a friend or family member. This can be the latest snap (a day old) or one you just viewed. Enable the replay feature from the settings and tap on the photo/video that will display a bubble prompt asking you for replay. Just click the replay option to view the snap. Remember, this feature can be only used once every 24 hours. Of all the snapchat hacks and tricks, this one is my favourite.

Create Your Own Newsfeed/Story list

Top 6 snapchat hacks and tricks you must know - snapchat newsfeed

Snapchat also enables you to create a customized feed of your friend’s stories and updates they’ve posted. You can even set them up in a personalized way by arranging them in your preferred sequence, so you don’t have to select these one at a time. Use the story thumbnail next to your buddy’s name, add it to your story list and then click play at the bottom to see all snaps in your customized playlist.

Play With Filters

Top 6 snapchat hacks and tricks you must know - Play with filters

If you love photo editing, you’ll enjoy ‘filters’ in Snapchat. It allows you to step up the quality of your pictures by applying multiple filters. Just tap and hold the screen after the first filter has been applied, then swipe to the right for the next filter application. Adjust the overlay, colour contrast and clarity by selecting up to five different filters. This is the funniest and the coolest of all the Snapchat hacks and tricks.

Monitor your kid’s Snapchats and Chats

Top 6 snapchat hacks and tricks you must know - mspy monitor kid's snapchat activity

The final one on this list of Snapchat hacks and tricks is one about the security and safety of a loved one. If you’re worried about your kid’s safety while using Snapchat or WhatsApp or any other social media app, this is for you. Even girlfriends who distrust their boyfriends can use this app to monitor their better halves (although we don’t recommend it). MSPY Phone Tracker is a security and parental control app that helps you monitor your kid’s internet and mobile phone activity.

Install mspy phone tracker to track and monitor your kid’s WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, texts, phone calls and internet browsing. This is a simple trick and hack that you could use to resolve your growing concerns about your kid’s safety.

Besides Snapchat, the recent Windows 10 messaging app is also ruling the tech market.

I hope this article helped you learn some Snapchat hacks and tricks to save some time while using Snapchat.

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