May 6, 2015

Snapchat's New Update – Allows Users to Share News / Discover Messages

Snapchat took a step towards becoming a serious publishing platform in January with its Discover feature.  The problem is, a big part of online publishing is being able to share content with your friends, which Discover doesn’t let you do. Now Snapchat is finally making its media content shareable via Discover.

Snapchat’s News-Sharing Feature allows users to Share News

Snapchat allows users to Share News:

If you’re not familiar with Discover, it’s Snapchat’s news and editorial platform that delivers daily stories and videos from the company, as well as 11 outside sources like Comedy Central, Vice, ESPN, National Geographic and CNN. Today Snapchat is rolling out an update that lets you send clips from Discover to friends.

Snapchat’s Discover

The new feature may be a way to drive more users to Discover. A recent report suggested Discover views have declined as much as 50% since the section’s January launch. It’ll bring viewership to Snapchat’s media partners and brand name recognition to teens using the platform.

Snapchat is hugely popular among millennials. But the news portal hasn’t seen the same kind of success. If Discover’s new tool works, loyal Discover users will bring in new ones. Each news Snap includes an in-app link back to the original story. If it really works, users will Snap back and forth, sharing clips and conversing about the news.

How Snapchat’s News-Sharing Feature Works?

How Snapchat’s News-Sharing Feature Works

First, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the latest Snapchat update. If you have not downloaded the latest version then Download Snapchat Latest Update from below.

Android Users CLICK HERE

iPhone Users CLICK HERE

By tapping and holding on a Discover photo or video snap, users can add their own drawing and text embellishments and send them privately to friends.

Snapchat’s allows users to Share News:

Those Snaps will include a “Sent via Discover” banner that users can click to jump straight into Discover.

Your friends will then receive your snap as they would a typical Snapchat message, but they’ll also see a purple link at the bottom that they can tap to jump over to Discover and take a deeper dive into the article, video, or photo you sent them.

Snapchat’s allows users to Share News:

If Snapchat can prove to be as good or better at driving page views as Facebook, it will make its media channel even more enticing for advertisers and publishers.

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