May 6, 2022

Special apps and tools for TikTok save video

Today, almost every Internet user knows about such an application as TikTok. The TikTok mobile app allows users to create short videos about anything. You are limited only by your imagination. The application has wide functionality in both video and photo editing. You can also save the video you like if the author has not limited this function. However, in addition to the main method of downloading using the application itself, there are a number of other methods. You can use TikTok video saver as a special service (like BigBangram, for example), or download an application that has the “TikTok video save” function. Consider the available options:


TikTok is much more tightly connected with other social networks than Instagram. Therefore, the share button here can perform more functions. That’s where the save hides. So, the sequence of actions is as follows:

We open the publication.

There will be a vertical menu to the right of the clip.

There we find a button with an arrow, under which there will be a signature “Share”.

A menu of two lines will appear at the bottom. You don’t need to scroll down anything, the desired icon will be shown immediately. It’s called “ TikTok save video”, and the image will be familiar, with an arrow.

Long press on the video

This method requires even fewer touches on the phone screen from you. You don’t need to recognize the app’s interface to save a video. A small algorithm of actions: Open the publication.

  1. Press and hold your finger on the video.
  2. A small menu of two items will appear.
  3. We choose the first one.

How to download the video if the author has blocked the ability to download the video?

Not all people are generous and want to save on other people’s mobile devices. What to do in this case, if the record still needs to be obtained? There are ways. Websites. People who use YouTube and upload videos regularly know that there are sites where you just need to paste a link and get a free file to use. Such services for TikTok also exist, but they have some limitations: firstly, it is most convenient to use them through a computer, and secondly, to use them, you often have to turn off your adblocker.

Enter the URL of the video and click one button. You can do what you have planned, for example, on:

musically down.

Special applications

Also, of course, there are applications. You should be more careful about the software you download so you don’t lose your account or get a virus. In this case, hacking is not included in the circle of dangers, but accuracy does not hurt.

Here are some variations

Downloader for Option for Android.

Video saver. Option for iOS.


As we wrote above, TikTok is closely connected with other social networks and means of communication. Therefore, you can download the video using the “Share” button and forward the post to the messenger. It will show up there as an uploaded file. And there you will understand. To download materials from Insta, TikTok, and other services, people often use, for example, Telegram. To do this, you can use both the application itself and various existing bots.

How to download videos on TikTok without a watermark?

When you shoot or watch a clip on the social network itself, the video is clean. However, when it is stored on the device or opened in another tab, we may see the watermark. This is not always appropriate. It is not necessary to shoot again, you can just use third-party chips. You can get rid of the sign like this:

Applications. There are those in the gadget app stores that can help us with this. Often their name is more like a search query, so finding them is not difficult.

Websites. If you read the paragraph about the services above, you might have noticed that one of the options I suggested just gets rid of the watermark.


Thus, you have a lot of possibilities on how to download videos from TikTok. You just need to choose the most convenient method for you and use it. Good luck!

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