August 21, 2021

Sports Betting Sites in Sweden

On average, one in five Swedish people engage in sport and with only a population of 10 million, this is a high-density rate. Sweden and sports go hand in hand and places the nation amongst the top 5 countries in Europe when it comes to sporting engagement.

With such numbers, you would think that sports betting would be producing the kind of economic boom that comes with high market interest with taxation on business and winnings.

Not the case.

In Sweden, the rules are somewhat different and are detrimental to the county’s economic growth, all for the sake of the moral high ground.

When it comes to sports betting in Sweden, it only became legal in 2002, so with almost two decades passing in that time, where does the country find itself. More importantly, what are the sports fans left with?

We’re going to introduce you to the world of online sports betting in Sweden, how it began, where it will end and all the detail in between that can help Swedish players to take their sporting passion to new levels.

Sports and Gambling in Sweden

The sports betting industry in Sweden is regulated by Svenska Spel. A state-owned body that controls what is the monopoly of gambling in Sweden.

Inside Sweden, no business is legally able to produce their own online sports and casino service. These laws are no new thing. In fact, most countries within the European Union have the same ruling. Unless it is state-owned, no other national body can provide an alternative solution.

There is a bit of irony to all this, given that Europe is home to the largest regulatory and licensing body found in Malta. With over 90% of online casinos registered on this island, they find themselves licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

All the best betting sites online, thusly, come from within the EU, and under Sweden’s gambling laws are seen as a foreign platform.

Now, for Swedes to engage in sports betting online, they must register with these foreign platforms.

Favorite Sports in Sweden

The top sports in Sweden are football and ice hockey. Then there is the interest in sports like handball, motorsports, rugby, and basketball.

Now, when it comes to online betting, these are all catered for. There are over 20 national and international sports to pick from and this is just one of the benefits that online operators are more popular than high street betting establishments.

What comes with the online service are hundreds and thousands of betting markets across all sports. Players will also have access to better odds because online betting sites have no overhead costs to meet.

And best of all, Swedish bookies can provide live online streaming of games, allowing you to better judge in-play bets.

Laws and Regulations

Sweden’s approach to gambling started in 1994 with the Lottery Act. This was then followed in 1999 with the Casino Act.

These laws covered all of Sweden’s gambling services and remain in place to this date.

The Lottery Act looks over the services that present the lottery, scratch cards, bingo, slot machines, table games, and card games. These services are controlled and provided by the state and support non-profit charities with licensing.

The control of these Acts is governed by the Gaming Board of Sweden.

These laws also restrict the advertisement of foreign businesses that have online gaming services, as a means to curb illegal activity and cease harm to public welfare.

As for the Casino Act, this law is there to support the land-based casinos within Sweden. The laws control the legal age of gambling, auditing, and allows for the casinos to provide slots, cards, and table games.

In 2002, the amendments to the laws were made introducing a new bill into Sweden’s licensing and regulations that dealt with the online market. And that’s how Svenska Spel the governing body for the state on this matter.

Best Bookmakers in Sweden

We can now present what are considered to be Sweden’s best online sportsbook platforms.

From these Swedish betting sites, you will acquire all the popular global sports, sports bonuses, live sports streaming, and mobile app gameplay.

These top five were picked by, Sweden’s number one comparison site. From them, you can also discover betting site reviews, exclusive bonuses, and gaming guide content for Swedish players.

Here are Sweden’s top five betting sites to join this year:

  • Mr Green
  • BetHard
  • LeoVegas Sport
  • William Hill
  • 888 Sport

Notes on Picking a Good Sports Betting Site

Picking the right platform isn’t all that easy. Here are some pointers to bear in mind should you want to give your sporting knowledge the ultimate test.

When looking to join a sportsbook service, first make sure they provide the sport you like. You can cut the risks out by only betting on what you know. If they provide your favorite sport, do they also back it up with live streaming and sports bonuses?

Odd as it may seem, but banking is important to check also. Not all betting sites are the same with their service and not all services provide the same functions across all sites. Some payment methods accept deposits and withdrawals, some only one or the other. Check first before joining, as you add your payment details after going through the registration and verification process.

Now, sportsbooks are often embedded into casino platforms, so you will have the additional choice of betting with casino games like slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette. If you have an interest in these kinds of games, then take the time to assess which casino will better provide for your interests.

Of the sites listed in the top 5 above, these are entirely optional. They are legally licensed betting sites backed by the Malta Gaming Authority and are able to support Krona currency. If you choose to pick an alternative platform, then please check all licencing information first to know the website is secure and legitimate.

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