May 20, 2021

Dresslily Review: Is It a Safe Online Site to Shop From?

If you’ve been online shopping for a long time, you know how tricky it can get. There are indeed reliable shops out there, but there’s a bunch of unreliable ones, too. If you’re looking for new online fashion sites to shop from, it’s a good idea to tread carefully and do your research first before diving in.

During your search for budget-friendly retailers, you’ve probably come across Dresslily. Dresslily aims to provide customers with affordable fashion items, including accessories and even wigs. You’re probably intrigued by how affordable its merchandise is, with discounts reaching up to 85%. However, is Dresslily reliable?

In this review, we’ll address all the questions you may have about Dresslily so you can make an informed decision by the end.

What Is Dresslily?

Dresslily is an online fashion store owned by Shenzhen Global Egrow, one of China’s biggest retail and wholesale companies. The site proudly offers customers stylish and trendy merchandise at affordable prices that are difficult to ignore. Dresslily became popular thanks to its constant marketing campaigns via social media ads. If you’re constantly on apps or websites such as Facebook, you’ve probably come across a Dresslily ad at some point.

Dresslily’s ads are bright and eye-catching, as they showcase beautiful accessories and stylish fashion items that you can’t help but admire. Asides from clothing items and footwear for both men and women, you’ll also find jewelry, handbags, swimwear, and even household items at Dresslily. In other words, you have a wide selection of irresistible products to choose from if you’re on an online shopping spree.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Dresslily actually doesn’t manufacture any of the merchandise it sells on the website. The company has a network of professional manufacturers and distributors that it trusts for the products. This also means that the sizing and quality of Dresslily’s clothes may be different since different manufacturers make them.

Is Dresslily Legit?

Before trusting any online retailer, you need to ask yourself whether that company is legit. In this case, you may want to check out Dresslily’s warranty and return policies so you know what to expect. The online retailer has a 30-day returns warranty, which is always a good thing. According to this policy, you can return your Dresslily order if you’re not happy with it as long as it’s still within 30 days after delivery. If your return request is approved, you can either get a refund or exchange the item you didn’t like.

However, Dresslily states that the shipping fees are not refundable, and it’s up to you to shoulder the shipping costs if you want to return any merchandise. That being said, there are a couple of items that aren’t covered by Dresslily’s returns policy, namely:

  • Lingerie
  • Clearance items
  • Earrings
  • Swimwear
  • Discounted products (unless Dresslily itself made a mistake)

The issue here is that most of Dresslily’s products are discounted, which means you’ll have a difficult time returning these items and getting a refund—unless the company itself made a mistake such as shipping the wrong or a damaged item. If you want to have an item returned, you must contact Dresslily’s customer service team to get approval. After that, the team will provide you with an RMA form before you can return the merchandise.

Is Dresslily Too Good to Be True?

If you’ve tried looking for Dresslily reviews online, you’ve probably come across several negative ones with the same common issues. For instance, one common complaint that customers have against Dresslily is that they never received their orders even though they’ve waited months already. Plus, it’s apparently difficult to request a refund from the company.

And even though you can freely contact Dresslily’s customer service team, many report that the agents aren’t very helpful and have difficulty trying to resolve their concerns. While it’s great that Dresslily has amazingly affordable prices, unfortunately, this could also indicate that the company has poor customer service or poor-quality items.

While it’s alarming that several customers never received their orders, what’s even more shocking are the complaints wherein customers do receive their order, but it’s not what they were expecting. Several reviews are stating that the items they received looked nothing like the product image on the listing. So if you’re asking if Dresslily is too good to be true, it might be. The reliability of Dresslily is questionable at best, especially since there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the right products or receive the products at all.

Does Dresslily Keep Your Payment Information Safe?

Most importantly, will your sensitive information be safe if you input it on Dresslily’s website? Dresslily has several payment methods available, which means you aren’t restricted to just using your credit card if you don’t want to. Here are some of the options available:

  • PayPal
  • Major Credit or Debit cards
  • Dresslily Wallet
  • Gift cards

As far as we can tell, your payment information is safe on Dresslily because you’ll be protected by using PayPal. However, it may not be worth buying from Dresslily due to all the negative aspects mentioned above. It would be pointless to waste your money on items you might not even receive.


While Dresslily is a legit online store, we wouldn’t say that it’s reliable, and most customers would probably agree. Most of the customers who shopped on Dresslily weren’t satisfied with what they received, while others had trouble receiving the order, to begin with. You might be better off buying pricier items from reputable shops because at least you know you’ll be happy with what you get.

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