September 10, 2021

Students fantasy: where to put cribs at exams

There are subjects that are impossible to pass without a cheat sheet because they are not designed for understanding, but for cramming. The use of cribs has classic examples, which are well known to examiners. And if you manage to use them, most often only because of the condescending attitude of the professor. Therefore, the issue of inconspicuous cheating and cheat sheet disguise is very acute.

First of all, we recommend you study hard during the semester so you won’t need any cribs at all. Sometimes it’s ok to use help, for example, from a term paper writing service, but not so often.  But if you understand that you don’t have enough time for preparations, we want to shed some light on some original ways of hiding cribs.


Small formulas can be applied to the nails like an ordinary manicure procedure. True, the method is suitable only for the female sex, because the boys’ coloring of the nails is suspicious. As an option, it is possible to paint the necessary information between the fingers.

Costume jewelry

Girls can try putting a “spur” on jewelry: rings, rings, pendants. The intricate font will look like an artistic device. Skilled craftsmen can practice making items sharpened solely for examination purposes. Leafing and hiding anything is not necessary – enough from time to time to cast a glance at a favorite object or “firm” nameplate, sewn on clothes. The main thing is not to turn yourself into a participant in a Brazilian carnival.


When the examiner demands that you remove from the table everything that is not related to the learning process and can harm an objective assessment of the knowledge, a pen is in any case a necessary tool for the exam.

Thick pens with a transparent body are as if designed to cram a wide cheat sheet inside. However, it is necessary to choose this product carefully, because in some cases the crib is too “readable” from a distance.

It is even better when the number of such pens carried to the exam corresponds to the number of tickets. Having distributed them in groups in your briefcase or under your clothes, you can even pick out a spare cue by feel and write, checking from time to time to see if the ink is enough.

The cheat sheet clock

The electronic industry has figured out how to make a special clock that has a text file loaded into its memory. It can be flipped through, or the speed of the image can be set. If there is a threat of exposure, you can lock the clock and the examiner will not get to the cheat sheet. The only drawback is the specific design: intuitive examiners may suspect a bad thing and offer to remove not very necessary at the exam.

You can buy such a watch freely with home delivery.

Clothing details

Of course, modern textile printing technology is essential here, but the result is well worth it. In addition, no one will pick on a neat patch or a brand label if the size of the printed text is so small that only the wearer can read it. Handkerchiefs are very good in this sense.

Which option is better?

– it is better to combine, namely – place the cribs in different ways, so that no individual accessory catches the eye. If you come up with an original way to hide the cribs – share it with us and we will continue this topic.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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